Education: Early Learning | K-12

Education: Early Learning | K-12


Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) recognizes that to achieve educational success, Métis learners need to see themselves reflected in the education system.

Introducing “Aansaamb aen kiskayhtaamaahk - Learning Together”

MNBC Ministry of Education is pleased to introduce “Aansaamb aen kiskayhtaamaahk - Learning Together”(Southern/Heritage Michif, translated by Norman Fleury). This learning guide and the accompanying resources are intended to support both Métis and non-Métis early learning and child care professionals to integrate Métis content and pedagogy into their work with young children. Our intent is to promote learning environments in which Métis culture is recognized and celebrated.

Le Villazh Maachi Kashkihtow - The Village of Learning

Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) aims to bring culturally relevant information and highlights from the Ministry of Education, to inform your practice of cultural inclusion, emphasizing the Métis Way in each edition.

Learn with Louis

The Métis Family Connections team is excited to share the Learn with Louis Newsletter. Each issue includes family-friendly educational content on Métis culture, including Métis traditions, language, and activities.

If you would like your family’s story highlighted in our “What’s Your Name, Where You From?” segment, please email:

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