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An illustrated portrait of Lawrence Gervaise in front of a muted green background with black silhouetted florals.

The Squeaky Wheel - Lawrence Gervais (Regional President - Métis Nation of Alberta)

Season 2, Episode 8
In this episode of the Métis Speaker Series, we speak to the regional president of the Métis Nation of Alberta, Lawrence Gervais. This discussion looks at the ways we can help amplify Métis' voices and awareness. Lawrence shares his perspective on what the role of leadership…
An illustrated portrait of Charlie Kerr in front of a pink floral city skyline. An black-blue bird flys away over one shoulder.

Longing to Belong - Charlie Kerr (Métis Singer / Actor / Writer - lead singer for Hotel Mira)

Season 2, Episode 7
In this episode of our Métis Speaker Series, Charlie Kerr shares his experience working in the entertainment industry as a member of the Métis community. He also shares his personal experience working directly within his own community of Métis people. As a singer, actor, and…
An illustrated portrait of Justene Dion-Glowa in front of a pink to orange gradient background. Black silhouettes of birds fly in the back ground. Justene wears a dark green cardigan over a black shirt that shows some of a tattoo and a small bird perches on one shoulder while a larger blue bird looks over her other.

Poetic Reconciliation - Justene Dion-Glowa (Poet, personal healing story)

Season 2, Episode 6
Where does Justene Dion-Glowa find her inspiration for poetry? That’s what we discuss in this episode of the Métis Speaker Series. Justene writes poetry connected to her identity as a Métis person. She shares some of her work from a recent manuscript and dives into her poetic…
An illustrated portrait of Peter Lang. In the background, a black silhouette stands on a beach as the sunsets over the water.

Child Welfare and the Justice System - Peter Lang (CMA Community President)

Season 2, Episode 5
In this episode of our Métis Speaker Series, we discuss the child welfare and justice system with Peter Lang, CMA Community President. Peter has had his own unfortunate experience with the system in connection to his late son, Nick. The interview looks at the ways that the Métis…
An illustrated portrait of Darrell Fox in front of a blue background. Blue silhouettes of a ribbon, Terry Fox, running shoes, and the Métis symbol decorate the background.

Big Brother Terry and a Big Discovery - Darrell Fox (Senior Advisor, The Terry Fox Research Institute)

Season 2, Episode 3
In this episode of our Métis Speaker Series, we speak to Darrell Fox, the younger brother of Terry Fox and senior advisor of the Terry Fox Institute. Darrell shares the story behind the discovery of the Fox family's Métis lineage and the impact that this discovery had on the…
An illustrated portrait of Wayne Wapeemukwa wearing a green winter coat with a white fur lined hood. The background features a dark green buffalo and a matching bear behind two coniferous tree. Beyond them there is a mountain in front of an orange sky.

Stories of Scrip - Wayne Wapeemukwa (Métis Citizen)

Season 2, Episode 2
For this episode of our Métis Speaker Series, Darian speaks to Wayne Wapeemukwa, a Métis Citizen, filmmaker and philosopher. Throughout his life, Wayne has done extensive research on the various ways the 19th-century dispossession afflicted Métis women and how new, colonially-…
An illustrated portrait of Cassidy Caron in front of a deep pink-red background. Behind her head she in framed by a colourful floral arrangement that matches the florals on her top.

Rebuilding Through Leadership - Cassidy Caron (Métis National Council President)

Season 2, Episode 1
To kick off season two, we asked Métis National Council President, Cassidy Caron, a very important question - what has Leadership meant to you? President Caron shares how her current role has changed her own meaning of leadership and the ways youth can find leadership positions…
An illustrated portrait of Lauren Petersen in front of a solid black background decorated with colourful flowers. Lauren has purple flowers tucked into her brown hair.

Reconciliation from a Métis Lens

Season 1, Episode 8
In this final episode of our Métis Speaker Series, we sit down with Métis Citizen, Lauren Petersen to look at the process of reconciliation through the Métis lens. This chat discusses the question, how do we reconcile with ourselves? Lauren looks at the process of reconciliation…
An illustrated portrait of Amy Cross and Marie Schoenthal in front of a dark blue background. A purple, blue, yellow, and green floral illustration divides the pair.

Healing through Language Revitalization

Season 1, Episode 7
For this episode of our Métis Speaker Series, we chat with Michif Language Learner, Amy Cross, and Métis Elder and Michif Language Teacher, Marie Schoenthal. The two women share knowledge regarding the diversity of indigenous languages in Métis communities. They speak to the…
An illustrated portrait of Louis De Jaeger in front of a lake and a mountain with a sunset coloured sky. Louis is surround by sage, some of it burning, and he wears a black beaded hat and a matching sash around his neck.

Two-Spirited Champions

Season 1, Episode 6
In this episode of our Métis Speaker Series, we speak to Louis De Jaeger, MNBC Minister of Economic Development and Natural Resources and the 2SLGBTQQIA+ advisory committee chair. Louis shares his experience in how a nation supports the inclusion of Two-Spirited people and Métis…