Children and Families

Takaki Awasisiwin: Empowering Future Generations of Métis in BC

Métis people acknowledge that our children are sacred gifts from our ancestors. They become our knowledge-keepers and carry our culture, language, and heritage forward for future generations. At Métis Nation British Columbia, this understanding informs our commitment to place our children at the center of all that we do. We strive to honour the traditional concept Takaki Awasisiwin, which means a good childhood for the future of our people.


The Mîcowîn (food) Program will help relieve the financial pressures that Métis families are struggling with at this time.

Métis Family Structure

In this artwork, the sea turtle carries the vision of the traditional Metis social structure practiced by Metis society, whereby the Elders and Children are at the center of our community circle.