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Recognizing and Honouring Métis Veterans: Serving those Who Served Us

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About Us

Métis Nation British Columbia was first incorporated in 1996 as the Métis Provincial Council of  British Columbia (MPBC). In 2003 the Métis leadership ratified the Métis Nation British Columbia Constitution, thereby establishing a new Métis Nation governing structure. Since 2003 the Métis Nation British Columbia leadership has implemented a number of institutions of governance such as the Senate, Métis Nation Governing Assembly, Métis Youth governing committee, Métis Women’s governing committee, Métis Veterans committee and the British Columbia Métis Assembly of Natural Resources as well as an objectively verifiable provincial citizenship process and central registry.

In September 2010, the membership of the MNBC Annual General Assembly (AGM) ratified the first Métis Veterans Act in the history of our BC Métis Nation, enacting legislation to govern Métis Veterans in BC and to establish guidelines and principals within policies and procedures of the Veterans committee.

Today, the Métis Veterans of BC consist of a Veterans Chair, Membership Clerk, Sargent at Arms, and seven (7) regional representatives.

The MVBC is represented on a political level by the Minister of Métis Veterans, Lissa Smith.

Veteran Dave Armitt - Veterans Chair

Veteran Tom Adams CD - Veteran Services Officer

Veteran Barbara Hulme - Veterans Women's Representative & Interim Secretary

Veteran Eleanor Creighton - Veterans Representative, R1 Vancouver Island & Powell River

Veteran Frazer McDonald - Veterans Representative, R2 Lower Mainland & Sergeant at Arms

Veteran Eldon Clairmont - Veterans Representative, R3 Thompson & Okanagan

Veteran Earl Henderson