What is MYBC?

The Métis Youth British Columbia (MYBC) Committee a democratically elected and volunteer-driven governing body that represents and advocates on behalf of Métis youth at the community, provincial, and national level. The information provided by MYBC influences The Ministry of Youth (MOY) program and event planning. 

Meet the MYBC Committee!

How is MYBC formed?

Métis Youth British Columbia (MYBC) is composed of seven (7) Regional Youth Representatives and one (1) Provincial Youth Chairperson; the members of the Committee are elected by Métis youth in their regions. From these eight (8) positions, an Executive is formed. 

Shaughn Davoren (They/Them) - Métis Youth BC Chair

Fun Facts
Was a National Gold medalist target shooter
Learned braille because I am afraid of going blind
Was a Chef for 5 years and factory worker for 2
"We must cherish our inheritance. We must preserve our nationality for the youth of our future. The story should be written down to pass on."
Louis Riel

How can I get involved?