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FEBURARY 2020 UPDATE- The state of the Metis Nation 

Metis Nation Ontario has been suspended from the Metis National Council (MNC) for failing to abide by ... Read More in Issue #10

Our Vision

Métis Nation British Columbia will build a proud, self-governing, sustainable Nation in recognition of Inherent Rights for our Métis citizens.

Our Mission

Métis Nation British Columbia develops and enhances opportunities for our Métis Chartered Communities and Métis people in British Columbia by providing culturally relevant social and economic programs and services.
Employment & Training
The Métis Employment & Training Program improves the employment potential, earning capacity and self-sufficiency of Métis people in British Columbia.
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Registry staff continue to work diligently on behalf of all applicants and Citizens to ensure applications and renewals are processed in a timely manner.
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