1-833MÉTISBC "Métis Crisis Line" Launch

Métis people across the province will have greater access to crisis services, thanks to a collaboration between Métis Nation British Columbia and KUU-US Crisis Services. The toll-free number is available for immediate crisis intervention, but also a variety of other issues like relationship troubles, depression and anxiety, financial issues, and bullying and peer pressure support. The staff who man the lines have the training to assist in many ways. They also have Métis information available like how to connect with your local Métis Chartered Community and information on Métis Service Provider services in 5 locations.

“It is important to know that 24hrs a day phone support workers are ready to listen to the issues being called about and to help problem solve and provide referrals pertaining to the crisis. Help is only… a phone call away!”  - Elia Nicholson-Nave Executive Director, KUU-US Crisis Services.

“As shown in the Ta Saantii Deu/Neso report, mental health concerns among Métis Youth are on the rise. Now, more than ever, it is essential that Métis people of all ages have the opportunity to access appropriate and timely mental health support. Feedback from the Perceptions of Alcohol and Illicit Drug Use survey clearly demonstrated a need for Métis specific mental health resources. As a culturally safe resource that Métis individuals can connect to in times of crisis, the Métis Crisis Line will work to address this need 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. We are proud to collaborate with KUU-US Crisis Services to provide an invaluable resource to further foster the incredible resilience of our Métis Community Members” – MNBC Minister of Health, Susie Hooper. 

MNBC’s Ministry of Health is very pleased to be able to work with KUU-US to provide this incredible service to Métis people in BC. KUU-US Crisis Services has always had the mandate to serve all Aboriginal people in BC, and this will now happen working with Métis Nation. KUU-US Crisis Services’ Board Chair is June Graham, a proud Métis Citizen and the President of Alberni Clayoquot Métis Society.

To learn more about services offered by the Métis Crisis Line please call 250-723-2323 (ext. 228) to be linked to KUU-US Crisis Response Supervisor, Rose Van Dusen another proud Métis Citizen.  To link directly into the crisis line call 1-833-638-4722. For general health inquiries please email health@mnbc.ca. Posters and brochures are available.

*The Perceptions of Alcohol and Illicit Drug Use survey concluded Sept 2019
*Ta Saantii Deu/Neso was released February 1, 2020 

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