Métis Speaker Series

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By partnering with the series, you are not only connecting your brand to a well-respected voice in the community but also helping to generate visibility for Métis issues.
An illustration of Shaughn Davoren smiling in front of the trunks of several birch trees. An owl sits on his shoulder and beyond the birch trees, colours of a sunset can be seen.

Rebuilding through Leadership

Season 1, Episode 2
In this episode of our Métis Speaker Series, we ask Shaughn Davoren how we go about decolonizing leadership. Shaughn shares advice as to how we can amplify Métis culture in leadership roles and help youth understand leadership as a practice rather than an official role.
An illustration of Denise McCuaig surrounded by foliage in front of an orange background. A wolf, hiding in the foliage, looks over her shoulder and the Métis symbol can be seen in the orange background.

Words from an Elder

Season 1, Episode 1
What are your greatest words of wisdom? In this episode of our Métis Speaker Series, Denise McCuaig talks about overcoming barriers she faced in her healing process. The episode discusses blood memory and how it has gone on to affect an entire generation’s healing process. In…