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MNBC Consultation Services – Call-out for Registered Professionals

MNBC and BCMANR are looking for natural resource professionals and technical service providers in all locations of British Columbia.

We are creating a list of professional and technical consultants that we can hire, on a project-by-project contract basis, to assist with reviewing potential project assessments.

MNBC desires a practical consultation process, with government and industrial partners, that avoids or minimizes impacts on Métis rights and land use and also creates opportunities for Métis Citizens.  Our objective is to build a Métis specific approach which will improve working relationships throughout the province.  The recently updated MNBC consultation process is intended to produce better communication, stronger relationships, and easier resolution of issues between government, industry, and MNBC.  We are currently building capacity by hiring contractors within the Nation to review potential project assessments and reviews on a project-by-project basis.

Some of the professionals that are currently utilized during the project assessment phase, and that MNBC are looking for, are:

  • Professional Biologists (RPBios), who are involved in many areas of practice, ranging from: environmental assessments, aquaculture, wildlife and fisheries management, riparian area assessments, contaminated site assessments, and the development of conservation plans in urban and rural environments.
  • Technologists (RBTechs), who are involved in all aspects of data collection and the preparation of summary reports on biotic and abiotic data, such as: wildlife and fisheries abundance, vegetation composition, and hydrological and soil parameters.
  • Other registered professionals include, but are not limited to: Foresters, Geologists, Engineers, Hydrologists, Archaeologists, etc.

If you are employed in a natural resource development field and can provide professional and/or technical reviews, assessment, or evaluation services within the context of the MNBC Consultation Guidelines, we encourage you to join our MNBC Consultation Services – Registered Professional list.

Credentials and information should be forwarded to: