Meet MYBC!

Region 1 - Brookelyn Chalmers

Brookelyn Chalmers was born and raised on the unceded territory of the Snuneymuxw First Nation, known as Nanaimo. She is Métis on her father's side and some of her family names are Bruce, LaPlante, and Piche. Brookelyn grew up with many inspiring matriarchs who have impacted her life greatly and made her who she is today. She feels so grateful to have learned how to jig, bead, and speak some Michif from a young age because it connected her to culture. She now feels a responsibility to create safe spaces where other youth can immerse themselves in culture, connect with community, or access supports. After graduating high school, Brookelyn worked full time for her chartered community, Mid-Island Métis Nation. Through that experience she found a passion for helping community because it gave her a sense of fulfillment and purpose. She has always felt accepted in Métis communities, but also lonely when she was often one of few younger people participating in gatherings. An important goal to her is to create more opportunities for youth to get connected to community and each other. Being a Métis youth, she can understand the identity struggle that comes along with it and she wants other youth to know they're not alone. Brookelyn is proud to be Métis.

Region 2 - Danielle Bergevin

The decision to become a Métis Nation British Columbia citizen was difficult, as I did not feel I was “Métis enough.” I grew up disconnected from Métis culture, and although it was something my family knew, I did not learn I was Métis until my early teen years. I was ecstatic to receive my citizenship card, as it affirmed a piece of myself and my history. As a citizen of the Nation, I felt that it was important to become involved, learn about the culture, and give back to the community. I have had many great opportunities through reconnecting to become involved in both our local and provincial communities. I currently sit on the Métis Youth Mental Health and Wellness Initiative Committee, have participated in My Eco Action, and have been fortunate to participate in many other activities. When in community with others, I have always felt heard, valued, and accepted. I have also learned that not feeling Métis enough is common among other Métis people, which helped to stifle my feelings of being an imposter.

In September 2022, I moved back from Kelowna to Coquitlam after two years of completing a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from UBCO. During my time in Kelowna, I learned how to bead and had many fantastic opportunities to develop connections with local Métis youth. Upon moving back to Coquitlam, I wanted to continue my community engagement, and have recently become the Region 2 Youth Representative!

Although I have had many opportunities to connect with community, the feelings of not being Métis enough would often come up, but instead of pulling away, with support and encouragement from Elders and other Métis people, I pushed myself to dive deeper. Although these feelings still resurface from time to time, I have been fortunate to have a strong support network around me, which I have found to lessen the burden.

I now wear my sash with pride!

Region 3 - Jamie-Lee Keith

Region 4 - Aladina Caron

My role within my communities is to engage more with the youth. To let them know they can learn and help if given the opportunity. To bring forward any concerns or voices that may not be fully heard. I would like to be a big impact on making everyone included. I was born and raised by my dad, in a very small town called Fruitvale. He taught me so much, To be independent, To care and to always make the best of the situation because somethings you cant change. One quote from him that always will stay with me "If you can make one person smile it can change anything on their mind, even just for a split second" It means so much to me and I truly hope to pass it on.

Region 5 - Ainsley McGuire (AJ)

Ainsley, “AJ”, McGuire began his involvement with Metis politics in October 2020, when he ran for and won election as Youth Director at the organizations’ Annual General Meeting. A longtime resident of Valemount in the Robson Valley, Ainsley represented this remote corner of the Prince George chartered community, in addition to the interests of youth in his constituency, and worked to develop and contribute to programs and initiatives for these groups, as well as assisting broader PGMCA interests however he could. Outside of his new role as MNBC Region 5 Youth Representative(as of March 2023), Ainsley spends most of his time with his tight knit(and sometimes chaotic) family, which includes his parents Donnie and John, his wife Daphine, and his two children John and Sophia. His favorite pastimes include fishing, gardening, snowboarding, hiking, and anything else that strikes him as new and interesting. Someday he hopes to own an acreage where he can build his own fish pond.

Over the years, his eclectic career history has seen him employed as a forestry assistant, BCWS fire crew leader, and Pipeline Equipment Coordinator, but his long term ambition is to become a physician. Someday he hopes that in this capacity, as well as continued service to the Métis Nation, he can serve the healthcare needs of northern and indigenous
communities in northern BC, and take a leadership role in advocating for their broader interests into the future.

Ainsley is both excited and honored to be chosen to take on his new role as Youth Representative, and hopes to make whatever positive contributions to the maintenance and
development of the interests of Métis youth in BC that he can, now and in the future.

Region 6 - Jayden Rogers

Jayden Rogers was born in Alberta and has his Métis roots in Saint Albert. He grew up in Terrace, BC, located in the region that he currently represents. Jayden has played the fiddle since he was 4 and enjoys a good jig every now and then. He currently attends UBC (Vancouver) and is studying science in the pursuits of becoming a medical doctor to fulfil his passion of practicing in the North.

Region 7 - VACANT ROLE