Not Your Momma's Bakery

Kamloops, BC
Fresh Baked Country Loaves and Bagels. Potato Buns, Sweet & Savoury Rolls, Focaccia and Flat Breads, Milk Bread and Buns. Cookies, Muffins, Small Cakes. Seasonal Muffins, Sauces and Ready-made Muffin and Cookie Mixes. Low Sugar Jams, Jellies, Compotes and Sauces. Crostini, Croutons, Breadcrumbs

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Leslie Albert
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Business Categories
Restaurants, Food and Beverage

Business Description

Not Your Momma's Bakery is a home based bakery business that focuses on direct to consumer sales through loca l farmers & community markets. I have over 35 years experience in Hospitality and I am a Red Seal Journeyman Cook.

I appreciate good food, made in small batches, using fellow local vendors' products, and began making my own breads, muffins, cakes and cookies for my family and friends. My focus is ever changing and I pride myself on unique flavour profiles.

I share my efforts with you at local Farmer’s Markets and Fairs in Kamloops and the North Thompson. I post often on Instagram & Facebook, the markets I attend and hope that you will follow me so that you can taste the outcome of my efforts. You won't be disappointed.

Good food takes time and effort and we all seek to earn a living wage. I think whomever said “You get what you pay for” was talking about their food. I look forward to saying hello soon.