Natural Progression Consulting

Business Consulting, business plan creation, Indigenizing policy & guideline advising and analysis, strategic planning, values exploration and team charter creation, Facilitation, organizational culture consulting, distinction based inclusion and diversity advising, trauma informed life coaching, executive coaching, business coaching.

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Alex Ibbotson
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250 4276436
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Business and Professional Services

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Female Indigenous owned and operated, we advis e on cashflow projections and revenue forecasting, for organizations to developing a strategic organizational culture build on a foundation of genuine core values. We help businesses articulate their brand in a business application for the purpose of business planning and strategic planning to accessing funding, to have a clear brand for marketing applications, to crystallize a strategic culture among staff members & client base and to align the direction of the company with a clear strategic vision with relevant goals and milestones.

We offer trauma informed executive coaching to propel productivity and align the focus of executives with authentic goals rooted in core values.

With a distinction based approach to inclusion and diversity advising we ground our advice with Provincial, Federal and International human rights and Indigenous rights policy. We use an indigenous lens to add relational elements to overly bureaucratic items.