he word BOTANACINE comes from two words :
Botany and Medicine.
Harnessing the power of botanicals to promote holistic health and wellness is what we do.
Combining traditional ways with new age technology and techniques.
We grow in our zero waste vertical gardens nutrient dense food , we freeze dry this food to create nutrient dense powder that last for 20 plus years . We also grow and extract botanicals from the farm creating medicines.
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Brent Wingham
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Health Care

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Botanacine is waste reduction company creating nutrient dense foods and luxury health products from it. We are ahead of the 2030 carbon agenda by creating products from wasted resources also known as waste. We take fresh micro greens that aren’t sold and freeze dry them to create nutrient dense microgreen powder. We also take waste from trees and other botanicals on our farm and produce therapeutic grade essential oils. These oils can be turned into so many more health and wellness products. We are a sustainable and transparent company that creates products for people who need that transparency. With so many people being diagnosed with gut issues or food allergies we strive to be transparent with all our operations. From standard operating practices to health Canada approved lab test.