Serving it Right

MNBC offers fully funded Serving it Right training which is responsible for liquor sales and service program for industry workers, that everyone involved in the sale and service of liquor has to take. It is designed to help make sure that the service and sale of liquor is done according to law and in a way that keeps customers, guests and others safe from alcohol-related harms.

The course provides effective techniques to prevent problems related to the service of liquor and covers topics such as:

  • Signs of intoxication
  • Legal liability
  • Reducing alcohol over-consumption
  • Reducing impaired driving
  • Reducing the risk of violence
  • Preventing the sale of alcohol to a minor
  • Duty of care on and off premises, and
  • The necessity to create and enforce responsible beverage service policies

Responsible beverage service does not end with SIR certification. Skills can only be developed through practice and work experience. Therefore, further training is strongly encouraged to build upon the fundamental knowledge acquired through this course.

Upon completion you will understand:

  • Your duty of care to your customers or guests
  • What your legal responsibilities are when serving or selling liquor
  • How alcohol affects the body
  • How liquor can affect people’s behaviour
  • How to tell when a customer or guest may have had too much to drink
  • What you and your co-workers can do to serve and sell liquor safely and responsibly
  • How to deal with customers or guests who are under 19 years of age (minors)
  • How to stop service or say "No" when customers appear to have had too much to drink


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