My Eco Action


MY Eco Action aims to create a safe space and provide opportunities for Indigenous and non-indigenous youth to make a positive impact within their communities across British Columbia and become supporters and advocates in Reconciliation through cultural land-based perspectives. While participating in the Program participants will develop a vast set of skills and competencies about the Métis culture. Participants will have the opportunity to connect with Métis Elders and Knowledge Keepers by 

learning the traditional ways of the land. Youth who complete 120 hours of required service through land-based volunteering, will be eligible to attend the all-expenses paid trip in March 2022. 

Program Eligibility: 

· Open to all youth ages 15-30 years old living in BC 

· Curiosity to learn about the environment and what positive impacts youth can make in their community 

· Available to attend monthly virtual sessions and cultural events 

· Willing to contribute 120 hours to meaningful service of their choice Contact Ministry of Youth to learn more or to register:

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