Métis Elders and Seniors Assistance Program (MESAP) - WAITLIST


Métis Nation British Columbia’s (MNBC) Ministry of Elders has confirmed additional funds for the Métis Elders & Seniors Assistance Program (MESAP) formerly known as the Elders Assistance Pilot Program (EAPP). The MESAP will aid lower income Métis Citizens Elders & Seniors purchase health related necessities not covered by the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP). The funds can be used by Elder’s/Seniors for the purchase of items including hearing aids, dentures, walkers, glasses, and more.

MNBC will work directly with service providers to set up direct billing to avoid our Elders/Seniors and their families’ out-of-pocket expenses. 

MESAP is for MNBC citizen Elders/Seniors 65+ with a single income of $21,624 and a household income of $51,840
A copy of 2023 Notice of Assessment (NOA) and being a registered citizen is required and must be submitted with this application. If applying as a household, both parties NOA's must be provided. (Spouse does not need to be a Métis Citizen)
Métis Elder/Senior who are single, windowed, or divorced can qualify for up to $2,500
Métis Elder/Senior who have a spouse/common-law partner can qualify for up to $4,000. 

If you are doing a mail-in application, ensure the application is fully completed and mailed in and addressed to 

Attention: Ministry of Elders
#380-13401 108 St.
Surrey, BC V3T 5T3. 

For more information, please contact MNBC at Toll-Free 1-800-940-1150 or 604-557-5851, ext. 2082 or by email

Note: This is a one-time program. You cannot apply for this program multiple times.
MESAP Application Checklist 
Application is completely filled & signed
Submitted copy of Notice of Assessment(s) 
A copy of MNBC Citizenship 

Don't Qualify? 

MNBC Ministry of Health has Regional Health Coordinators (RHC). If you are a Citizen or community member requiring health navigation supports by MNBC's Regional Health Coordinators, please feel free to email healthservicerequest@mnbc.ca

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