Raynie Gervais

Headshot of Raynie Gervais
R5 Regional Director

Minister of Elders

Associate Minister of Culture, Heritage and Language

Representing North Central

Raynie Gervais is the elected Region 5 Director for the Métis Nation British Columbia in his second term. Gervais comes from a grassroots Métis family from Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, later moving to Prince George in 1964 where he still lives today.

From 2016-2020, Gervais held the Ministry of History, Language, and Culture for MNBC and sat on the national-level Michif Language Working Group on behalf of MNBC.

Gervais is now the Minister of Elders, using the cultural attributes and training gained during his previous term. He brings knowledge in the areas of economic development gained through a Degree in Economic Development and Diploma in Entrepreneurial Business.


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