MNBC is now a Living Wage Employer

MNBC is excited to announce that we are now certified as a Living Wage Employer. 

What is a living wage? A living wage is the hourly amount a family needs to cover basic expenses. These basic expenses include food, clothing, rental housing, childcare, transportation, and small savings to cover illness or emergencies. 

We have joined over 370 certified Living Wage Employers across British Columbia to ensure our employees earn a wage that creates a positive impact on our community, staff, and the people we serve, while also achieving our value of Kaa-Wiichihitoyaahk (we take of each other). The living wage is a regional calculation that looks at the amount that a family of four, with two adults working full-time annually, needs to earn to meet their expenses in British Columbia. As a responsible employer, we believe that our employees need to earn a wage that meets the needs of daily living and provides discretionary income. We recognize that paying a living wage constitutes a critical investment in our dedicated, skilled, and purpose-driven staff.

MNBC CEO, Colette Trudeau stated, "The way we move forward as a strong Métis government is by embracing our role in creating a strong local and provincial economy. We are proud to be a living wage employer. We want to ensure our diverse and talented staff across the province have the comfort of focusing on the critical work of our Nation rather than worrying about making enough to cover their basic expenses” 

As a further result of this certification, MNBC has increased the Administrative 1 classification salary range from starting at $42,000 annually to $47,000 annually, which was effective as of July 16, 2023.

 To celebrate the achievement, MNBC will announce more publicly and include the certification logo on our website and job postings. Thank you to our Department of People and Culture for pursuing this certification and supporting us in our goal of becoming a Living Wage Employer.

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