Métis Nation BC and Canadian Heritage Announce Historic $5.3 Million Michif Language Funding Agreement

In a landmark agreement aimed at preserving and revitalizing the rich cultural heritage of the Métis people, Métis Nation BC (MNBC) and the government of Canada are proud to announce a significant investment of $5.3 million over a five-year period to support Michif Language Revitalization programs and initiatives throughout the province.

This monumental funding commitment marks a crucial step forward in the journey to safeguard and rejuvenate Michif languages, a vital element of Métis culture. It is a testament to the unwavering dedication of both MNBC and the Federal government in ensuring the preservation of Indigenous languages.

A Positive Step Forward

While this investment represents a significant leap in the right direction, both parties acknowledge the need for more funding to propel Michif language revitalization forward in a meaningful and sustainable manner across the province. MNBC remains committed to seeking additional funding opportunities and partnerships with other Governing Members to further enhance these efforts.

This five-year commitment serves as a foundation for building long-term, sustainable programming that will breathe new life into the Michif language, strengthening its presence within British Columbia's diverse cultural tapestry.

A Vision for the Future

The Ministry of Culture, Heritage, and Language (CHL) is currently developing a comprehensive 10-year Michif Language Revitalization Plan. This visionary plan is being crafted in collaboration with Indigenous Language Revitalization consultants and through extensive community engagement. It will play a pivotal role in outlining MNBC's vision and goals for Michif revitalization within British Columbia.

The 10-Year Michif Language Revitalization Plan is anticipated to be completed and shared publicly in the fall of 2023. It will provide a clear and strategic roadmap, setting the stage for Michif learning and initiatives informed by best practices in Indigenous language revitalization.

Supporting Community-Led Initiatives

MNBC is committed to empowering communities and citizens to actively participate in the revitalization of the Michif language. Starting in early 2024, MNBC will offer grant opportunities for community and citizen-led initiatives that align with the activities and goals outlined in the Michif Language Revitalization Plan. These grants will be instrumental in fostering grassroots efforts and community-driven initiatives that contribute to the resurgence of the Michif languages.

MNBC and the Federal government are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and are dedicated to making Michif language revitalization a shared success story for all British Columbians.