Climate Change & Food Access Report

In late 2022, MNBC’s Ministry of Environmental Protection & Natural Resources conducted a survey on Climate Change & Food Access. One of the many goals of the survey was to gain insight into how access to nutritious and traditional foods relates to the current climate and health emergencies.

This data is interpreted with other reports from MNBC and the federal government. This helps provide a holistic understanding of Métis food needs and climate-related concerns. The first portion of the report focuses on the demographic data of survey respondents, including income and housing, to situate the Métis voices being heard in this report. The latter half explores food needs, followed by a discussion of climate-related issues and the next steps for the future.

The voices of Métis inform the narrative below. On behalf of MNBC, marsii (thank you) to all who participated in the survey for their energy, time, and honest feedback. We honour your responses and experiences here.


Full Report Here