Graphic by Métis Artis Lisa Dorion

Ohpikinâwasowin/GEM's Engagement

Ohpikinâwasowin/GEM's Engagement Sessions

Come join our important discussion/engagement about reshaping child welfare for Métis people in BC! Your voice matters in driving government reform and in growing Métis children (Ohpikinâwasowin). Together, let's influence systems that truly reflect the needs and aspirations of our Nation.

Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) has established a platform (Governance Engagement Mechanisms – GEMS) to facilitate dialogues concerning the 2020 Act Respecting First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Children, youth, and Families—an Act empowering Indigenous communities to care for their children. These engagements are a means of ensuring the inclusion of the Métis perspective through your voice and experiences. Your contributions and insights will also serve as the cornerstone of Métis legislation pertaining to children and families in British Columbia.


Marsii / Thank You 

To all folks who attended each of our engagements and completed the survey. Your voice is fundamental to our work to support our citizens and bring our children home and into our care. To learn more about this report and how it will be used or learn about what our ministry is working on please contact us at