Métis Early Years Conference - Surrey


Join us February 24th and 25th, 2023 for connection, networking, and Michif language revitalization with some amazing keynote speakers...

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5:30pm | Registration Opens

6:00pm | Networking & Cultural Event

Enjoy cultural performances by the Waceya Métis Society Jiggers, while mingling with other Early Learning and Child Care Professionals from around the province, munching on light refreshments, and browsing unique and cultural selections from local Métis artists and vendors.

Waceya Métis Society Jiggers:
Waceya Métis Society values the importance of empowering their children and youth to share their culture in community, so that they will continue to have Métis youth involvement for years to come.
They are a group of 12 Métis Children ranging in ages 6-13. The children have been dancing and practicing together and are hoping to take their jigging performance to Batoche this summer.
Fun Fact: All the children are able to introduce themselves in Michif




8:30am | As I Am, Is Enough - Madelaine McCallum | Cultural Workshop

"Through sharing her most fragile moments with audiences across Canada in her Fire Within presentation, Madelaine discovered the most crucial lesson there is to learn: "As I am, is Enough." Taking you through an emotional roller coaster, Madelaine will leave you speechless with her realness and vulnerability as she helps you to discover the importance of finding self-worth and acceptance."
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10:15am | Jigging Lesson - Madelaine McCallum | Cultural Workshop

"Participants learn Métis dance steps sequenced through choreography and get fit at the same time! You’ll gain knowledge of dances like The Red Jig, belt dance, broom dance, and orange blossom special. This workshop is filled with high energy and tailored for all levels – you’ll have a great time (because how can you not when fiddle music is involved!)"
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12:00pm | LUNCH


1:00pm | Michif Language Revitalization Lesson - Norman Fleury | Cultural Workshop

"Originally, from St. Lazare, Manitoba, Norman Fleury is a gifted Michif storyteller. He speaks Michif, Cree, Anishinaabemowin, Dakota, French, and English. Tireless in the promotion and preservation of the Michif language, he has contributed to dozens of language resources, including dictionaries, grammar books, and he has provided innumerable translations for cultural resources." Join Norman in a Michif Language Lesson and become part of the Michif Language Revitalization.
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Participants of the Métis Early Years Conference may receive discounted rates at the Civic Hotel, Autograph Collection in Surrey (13475 Central Avenue).
These rates ($139 CAD/night) are available until January 23, 2023, after which regular rates will apply.

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Group rates are only available by booking online.


Friday: Light snacks and refreshments provided.
Saturday: Breakfast, morning- and afternoon- break snacks and coffee, and lunch will be provided.

Some vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options will be available.

Unique and cultural selections from local Métis Artists and Vendors will be displayed for viewing (and purchasing), Friday and Saturday


Conference attendees will receive certificates for sessions attended.
2 hours Networking

2 hours "As I am, is Enough" Workshop - Madelaine McCallum
1 hour Jigging (Cultural) Workshop - Madelaine McCallum
3 hours Michif Language Revitalization (Cultural) Workshop - Norman Fleury

Total for all sessions: 8 hours

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