New MNBC Logo


Over the last 12 months, MNBC’s Ministry of Culture, Heritage, and Language and department of Communications have worked together to create a new symbol distinctly reflecting imagery of Métis life in BC. This new symbol does not replace our existing flag or Nation’s logo, but is to offer a new way for Citizens in BC to proudly show their Métis pride.

This new symbol includes a flower, to reflect that Métis are the flower beadwork people. The choice of a Dogwood was deliberate, as it is BC’s provincial flower. This helps to distinguish that the Métis experience in BC is different from others in the prairies and beyond.

The infinity remains the most recognizable image of Métis identity, and the inclusion of imagery of a sash is one of historic representation of Métis nationhood.

Over the coming weeks, months, and years ahead, this new symbol will be available on a wide array of swag related items. Our hope is this symbol will become synonymous with the Métis in BC experience. It is not, however, replacing our corporate logo, which will remain as the primary use for official documents. This is more for fun swag items, like hats or water bottles. For the time being, Communications and CHL will lead the process of putting the logo on swag.

The logo was designed in collaboration with Métis artist Kim Stewart and with guidance from MNBC's Culture and Heritage Working Group. Check out Kim’s work at and