Community Services

Ministry Of Community Services: Shakamohta Mamawii ( connect together)


The Ministry of Community Services directly works with the 39 Chartered Communities within the 7 Regions of Metis Nation BC. Community services mandate is to support the ministries within MNBC to connect with the Chartered Communities, creating sustainable long-lasting relationships.

Community services directly deals with funding, events, board supports, community connections, opportunities, and technical skills to support chartered communities.

The Chartered Communities within MNBC support citizens within their regions and community districts.


  • Support 39 Chartered Communities and Advocating on their behalf to support their citizens.
  • Board Fundamentals for all Communities

Board in a Box for MNBC Chartered Communities

Here you will find resources and reference materials that you may choose to employ and assist in the administration and operation of your Chartered Community Board.


Region 4 Senior Leadership Tour

April 22, 2023 - MNBC's Senior Leadership and members of the Community Services Team gathered with Region 4 Community Leaders in Cranbrook. Community Leaders were able to speak with senior MNBC staff face-to-face and voice the priorities important to Métis in Region 4.