About MNBC

The Métis Nation Government in British Columbia

MNBC represents the section 35 rights of over 24,000 Métis citizens who are registered with MNBC and advocates for the over 98,000 self-identified Métis in British Columbia.

MNBC represents thirty-nine (39) Métis Chartered Communities in British Columbia. 

MNBC’s mandate is to develop and enhance opportunities for Métis communities by implementing culturally relevant social and economic programs and services.

Métis Nation BC is recognized by the Métis National Council, Provincial Government of British Columbia, and the Federal Government of Canada, as the Governing Nation for Métis in BC.


The Vision, Mission & Values of MNBC


Métis Nation British Columbia will build a proud, self-governing, sustainable Nation in recognition of Inherent Rights for our Métis citizens. 


Developing and Enhancing our communities.


What connects us all.