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Métis Nation British Columbia will build a proud, self-governing, sustainable Nation in recognition of Inherent Rights for our Métis citizens.


Métis Nation British Columbia develops and enhances opportunities for our Métis Chartered Communities and Métis people in British Columbia by providing culturally relevant social and economic programs and services

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Métis Joseph McKay

Métis Joseph McKay came to the pacific coast from the Red River in 1844. Among this exceptional mans accomplishments are: the first salmon fishery station, negotiated the Douglas Treaties, built Nanaimo, explored the interior of Vancouver Island, started the Vancouver Island Steam sawmill company, managed HBC operations at Fort Kamloops and Fort Simpson, personally inoculated 1300 Shuswap First Nation people against Smallpox, conceived the first BC pulp mill and many other significant accomplishments. Picture: Fort Victoria - where representatives of the first legislative assembly west of the Great Lakes was sworn in (1856), including Joseph McKay elected representative for Victoria District.

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