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Clara Morin Dal Col

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Métis Nation British Columbia will build a proud, self-governing, sustainable Nation in recognition of Inherent Rights for our Métis citizens.


Métis Nation British Columbia develops and enhances opportunities for our Métis Chartered Communities and Métis people in British Columbia by providing culturally relevant social and economic programs and services

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Fort S. James

Fort S. James is the longest established non-First Nation community in BC, Simon Fraser and his Métis voyagers established the fort in 1806. In 1888, A.C Murray rebuilt the HBC facilities at Fort St. James. Murray was a Métis who achieved a high status in the Hudson Bay Company. The "Murray" configuration of the fort is the same as the restored fort in what is now the Fort St. James Parks Canada National Historic Site. Parks Canada describes the main warehouse building as "a fabulous example of piece on piece or "Red River" (we say Métis) log house construction, it carries Parks Canada's highest designation for a historic building - equal to that of Canada's Parliament Buildings in Ottawa". For more information go to: http://www.pc.gc.ca

Parks Canada, the New Caledonia Métis Association and Métis Nation BC would like to invite everyone to the opening of the new Métis Exhibit at the site on August 27, 2011. The exhibit will focus on A.C Murray and other Métis involvement in the Fort. August 27 has been designated Métis Day at this National Historic site.

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