Ma Nîķi (My Home) Métis Seniors Housing Renovation Pilot Program

Ma Nîķi

Métis Nation B.C. announces $1.5-million home improvement pilot program for seniors.

Ma Nîķi (My Home) Métis Seniors Housing Renovation Pilot Program

As part of MNBC’s Housing Initiatives, the Ma Nîķi Métis Seniors Housing Renovation Pilot Program assists MNBC Citizens who are seniors (age 65 and older) to improve the condition of their owned home. The pilot program will provide up to $20,000 per application via a non-repayable grant, provided the homeowner(s) retain ownership of their home for at least five years from receipt of the grant. If the house is sold prior to five years before the approved grant date, the grant must be repaid in full to MNBC.

The Ma Nîķi Seniors Housing Renovation Pilot Program is currently funded for a minimum of 75 applications.

To benefit from this program, you or your spouse must be an MNBC Citizen over the age of 65, own a primary residence in BC, and provide a written quotation from a qualified contract that will carry out the work. MNBC will review your application and provide written approval (if the criteria are met), to proceed with the work. Grants are limited to one per household.

Program Description


  • Funding would cover at least 75 applicants
  • Maximum funding per applicant: $20,000
  • Funding format: A non-repayable grant, unless the home was sold within five (5) years from the date of approval. In that case, the grant would be 100% repayable to MNBC.


Eligibility – general

  • 65 years and older (In the case of married couples – only one spouse needs to be 65 or older)
  • Citizen of MNBC and resident of British Columbia for at least one year

Eligibility – Property ownership

  • For the applicant’s principal residence
  • Fee simple owner
  • Mobile or manufactured homeowner on non-owned land

Eligibility – Income

  • Single senior with total gross income of $36,000 per year or less
  • Senior couple with a total gross income of $56,000 per year or less

Eligibility – Repairs and Improvements

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing (includes toilets, sinks and showers)
  • Heating
  • Hot water tank
  • Insulation (ceiling, walls and/or floor)
  • Drywall
  • Floor coverings
  • Door replacement
  • Windows
  • Roofs
  • Chimneys
  • Water supply
  • Septic system
  • Fire and/or smoke alarms
  • Replacement of siding
  • Mobile home skirting
    and/or leveling
  • Mobility access
  • Hand railings

Payment schedule to successful applicants

  • 25% upon signing of contract with contractor
  • 50% upon start of work
  • 25% upon completion and final inspection

Application resources






Local Tel: 604-557-5851 ext 8216
Toll Free Tel: 1 800 940-1150 ext 8216

Mail Address: Métis Nation of British Columbia
Ministry of Housing and Homelessness
ATTN: Ma Nîķi Program

#380 – 13401 108 Ave

Surrey, B.C.

V3T 5T3

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Applicant, or spouse of applicant, must be 65 years or older.
  2. Applicant or spouse must be a Citizen of MNBC.
  3. Applicant or spouse must own their principal residence.
  4. Total annual income of applicant must be:
    •  Gross income $36,000 or less for a single applicant,
    • Gross income $56,000 or less for couple applicants.
  5. The proposed home improvements must fall under at least one of the approved repair/improvement categories:
  • Electrical
  • Roofs
  • Plumbing (including toilets, sinks and showers)
  • Chimneys
  • Heating
  • Water supply
  • Hot water tank
  • Septic system
  • Insulation (ceiling, walls and/or floor)
  • Fire and/or smoke alarms
  • Drywall
  • Replacement of siding
  • Floor coverings
  • Mobile home skirting and/or leveling
  • Door replacement
  • Mobility access

Required Documents to Apply

  1. Completed and signed application can be emailed to or mailed to:#380 – 13401 108 Ave

    Surrey, B.C.

    V3T 5T3

  2. Include a copy of the following:
    • Proof of home ownership (tax receipt, assessment notice, or title search).
    • Income Tax Notice of Assessment for the latest fiscal year (2019).
    • Written quotation of scope of work from a qualified contractor (must be received within 30 days of initial application)
    • Applicants are strongly encouraged to use Métis contractors.

Funding Flow

MNBC will provide written approval to the applicant when the grant is approved.

Once approved, the schedule for successful applicants will be:

  • 25% upon signing of contract with contractor,
  • 50% upon commencement of work,
  • 25% upon completion and final inspection.

MNBC will provide the grant to the applicant via electronic Direct Deposit once approved.


BC Hydro/Fortis BC Partnership

Métis Nation British Columbia is pleased to partner with FortisBC to support MNBC’s Ma Nîķi pilot program, bringing energy cost savings to Métis seniors, and making their home more comfortable and efficient as they age in place.

Approved Ma Niki applicants will automatically qualify (where available) for the Energy Conservation Assistance Program (ECAP), designed to help income-qualified households receive the same practical energy reduction products and tools, and to enjoy the same cost savings, as is available to every BC family, at no charge to them.

The program includes:

  • an in-home visit by an energy coach to assess your household’s energy use
  • free installation of energy-saving products by a qualified contractor including:
    • energy-saving LED light bulbs
    • faucet aerators for the kitchen and bathroom
    • water-efficient showerheads
    • water heater pipe wrap
    • exterior door weather-stripping
    • free energy-efficiency advice

Some homes may also qualify for:

  • an ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerator
  • attic, wall and/or crawlspace insulation
  • a high-efficiency natural gas furnace

In addition, FortisBC’s Indigenous Community Conservation Program (ICCP) offers additional rebates on a variety of Ma Niki program-approved repairs and improvements for qualified applicants.

MNBC will work with all approved Ma Niki funding recipients to maximize these benefits and savings, which will allow MNBC to maximize the benefits of the Ma Niki program by providing funding to the greatest number of qualified applicants.