Ministry of Health

In May 2006 Métis Nation British Columbia signed the historic Métis Nation Relationship Accord with the Province of British Columbia. The Accord committed both the Métis Nation BC and the Province of BC to close the gap between Métis Citizens in this province and other British Columbians in six key areas:

In response to the Accord the Métis Nation BC established a planning process to address how the Métis Nation itself was going to make the Accord meaningful for Métis Citizens. As part of the process it was determined that the collection of data from Métis Citizens to provide baseline information for our objectives was necessary.

The Métis Nation BC 2006 Provincial Survey was a total of 129 questions, addressing areas such as health, culture, education, housing, employment, and was administered to over 1500 households. The health section of the MNBC 2006 Provincial Survey focused on the following eight (8) areas:

The top health issues, as reported in the Survey, were Arthritis, Lower Back Pain, Stomach and Digestive Problems and Diabetes. Métis Citizens top health concerns were affordable dental care, Elder care (long-term), mental health/addiction support, affordable prescription assistance and traditional healing alternatives.

The MNBC Ministry of Health developed a responsive Five-Year Plan based on the collected data. Further recommendations were provided by Métis Chartered Communities through community consultation processes which further addressed the need for promotion of Diabetes awareness, the development of a sustainable Métis Nation health program, the need for the Province to recognize the Citizenship card for things like health care, drug issues facing our youth and affordable or covered health benefits. The culturally relevant Five-Year Plan affirmed the MNBC Ministry of Health commitment to addressing the existing disparities and concerns of Métis Citizens in BC through a holistic approach. Highlights of the MNBC Ministry of Health Five-Year plan include:

The Métis Nation BC will obtain measurable results through the Métis Nation BC 2012 Provincial Survey, measuring against the baseline data collected through the 2006 Provincial Survey.

The MNBC Ministry of Health will continue to work in partnership with the Province of BC to ensure equitable access for Métis Citizens to existing programs and services, as well as enhancing current services to become culturally appropriate.

For further information from the Métis Nation BC Ministry of Health please contact the Métis Nation BC at 1-800-940-1150.