Wealth Mindset: Indigenous Financial Resilience 

For over 75 years, Vancity has been working to build a clean and fair world where members and communities can thrive. That means addressing systemic barriers to ensure access to financial services and financial literacy for all.

In partnership with Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) and equipped with courses and tools developed by our financial experts, MNBC is delivering culturally relevant workshops to our communities. We believe the community-based model for learning will create meaningful and safe programs that speak to the unique needs of different groups.

The module schedule and information are below.

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Basic Banking & Budgeting Registration

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Program Details

Upcoming Schedule

Cohort 1DateTimeLocation
Circle ModuleApril 0110am-1pmIn-person
Banking & Budgeting BasicsApril 04   6-8pmVirtual
Banking & Budgeting BasicsApril 0610am-12pmVirtual

Cohort 2

Circle ModuleApril 25TBAPrince George/In-person
Banking BasicsApril 26TBAPrince George/In-person
Budgeting BasicsApril 27TBAPrince George/In-person


Cohort 3DateTimeLocation
Circle ModuleMay 6
Banking & Budgeting BasicsMay 9   6-8pmVirtual
Banking & Budgeting BasicsMay 1110am-12pmVirtual

Program Facilitator - Estephania Solis

Estephania is an Alchemical Experience Facilitator & Integration Coach, holding an ICF and Expressive Arts Therapy certification. Her experiences as a border child, first generation Mexican-American, and immigrant to Canada have influenced her partnerships, workshops, and creative projects. Often exploring themes of identity, belonging, and culture. She believes that imagination is the key to the door of our own reality.

Areas of focus include:

-Mental Health
-Life Transitions
-Psychedelic Medicine

Contact Info:
esolis@mnbc.ca 778-312-0560