Indigenous Elder In-Residence

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Indigenous Elder In-Residence
Surrey Libraries’ mission is to connect people, spark curiosity, and inspire lifelong learning to enhance the lives of Surrey residents. The goals of this program include ongoing reconciliation efforts with Indigenous community in Surrey, supporting the demand for learning about Indigenous culture, and helping local elders achieve their goals around sharing cultural literacy e.g. cultural practices, oral or written stories, art.
• 5 month contract
• 21-28 hours per week
• $13,800-$18,400
• start date June 1, 2024, and end date October 31, 2024
• Plan cultural literacy/art programs and self-directed cultural literacy/art projects with the Library’s Indigenous Services Coordinator
• Lead weekly program at one or more library branches
• Storytelling, knowledge sharing, speaking
• Work on self-directed cultural literacy/art project(s) over 5 months and then share results with the Library and the community

• Recognized as an Elder from one of the local First Nations or another Coast Salish nation, or
• Recognized as an Elder from the urban Indigenous community, ideally in Surrey.
• Lived experience working in Indigenous community, with the public, leading and/or facilitating workshops, public speaking, knowledge sharing, and storytelling