Resilient Roots

Resilient Roots: Métis Mental Health and Wellness Magazine

MNBC's Métis Youth Mental Health and Wellness Initiative is seeking submissions for the fourth issue of Resilient Roots: Métis Mental Health and Wellness magazine! This magazine works to raise Métis voices and perspectives, and to engage in topics around mental health and wellness.

Since publication began in 2020, several thousand hard copies of Resilient Roots have been distributed across the province – to Métis youth, health authorities, Métis Chartered Communities, and beyond. These publications are also available for free download on MNBC’s website.

We welcome anybody who is interested to submit content! This magazine is meant to showcase a diverse range of Métis perspectives, and we encourage anybody who is interested to share their voice.

Submitted content can come in many forms, but must be related to the area of mental health and wellness.

Examples of Content
Lived-experience Stories

The deadline for submissions is August 1st, 2023. All submitted content must meet submission guidelines in order to be accepted for publication.

No age limit for submissions. If you have a story to tell, tell it!
Must be a Métis citizen or self-identify as Métis, to uplift our perspectives and experiences. 
Submissions must be related to mental health and wellness
You do not need to be a professional writer, photographer, artist, etc. Share your creativity and have fun doing so!

This is a safe space to be creative. Community members and Métis individuals are encourage to submit content, ideas and questions for the magazine.

For more questions or to make a submission contact Michelle Padley at