Métis Family Connections - Secondary Years



Métis Family Connections – Secondary Years was developed by Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) for families with Métis children ages 13-18. Métis Family Connections – Secondary Years is focused on connecting families with community, culture, and opportunities to access relevant programs and services that support healthy transitions to post-secondary education, skills training, and the workforce.  

The specialized Secondary Years Navigators will round out our Métis Family Connections team, ensuring that MNBC can walk alongside our Métis learners and their families as they navigate their final years of the K-12 Education system right up to graduation.  

Why Should You Enroll Your Child in Métis Family Connections - Secondary Years? 

  • To learn more about Métis identity and the Métis Nation. 

  • To be up to date on what secondary years services are available in your community, how to access them, and 

  • Be aware of services offered to MNBC citizens such as the STEPS program, and other valuable services offered by the Ministry of Youth, Ministry of Children and Families, Ministry of Housing, and Ministry of Health. 

  • To be connected to other Métis families. 

  • To have support for your child in a healthy transition into adulthood and the workforce.

  • Opportunities to attend Métis family gathering events with your children. 

Ready to Enroll? 

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