What is CervixCheck?

MNBC’s CervixCheck pilot is an extensively researched method which offers a safe and easy way to access culturally safe cervical cancer screening in Northern BC.  Métis Citizens and those who self-identify as Métis who are eligible can participate in this initiative. 

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How does it work?

With CervixCheck.ca, if eligible you can create an account (register) and BC Cancer will mail you an at-home HPV-based cervix screening kit.  Participants will collect the sample using a vaginal swab, a safe and easy process called “self-collection” or “self-sampling”.  With this approach, you can be screened anywhere the self-collection package is sent.  This offers the opportunity to have screening done in private without having to see a healthcare provider for a pelvic exam.  You then mail the prepaid envelope back and wait for the results.

What happens after you’ve collected?

The sample undergoes HPV testing when it is received at the lab.  Results are emailed to you with any potential follow-up being conducted by our partnering physician at the selected locations.  Lennette Desjarlais, MNBC HPV Project Assistant supports by connecting with the participant during the process.  

For more information, please contact:

  • Lennette Desjarlais, HPV Project Coordinator – ldesjarlais@mnbc.ca
    Lennette is available to answer HPV-related questions and questions related to the study.  She can offer support and resources if you require follow-up to positive results.  Check out our downloadable resources!
  • Katina Pollard, Provincial Health & Wellness Manager – kpollard@mnbc.ca
  • BC Cancer Agency:  cervixcheck@bccancer.bc.ca – 1.888.300.3088 ext. 5635

CervixCheck Next Steps Brochure

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