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Amy BinckliLicensed Practical Nursing

I’ve wanted to be a nurse ever since I was nine years old, for no particular reason other than wanting to be able to help people.

Becoming a nurse was a dream that my mother encouraged and supported me in. So when I was eighteen years old, and she lost her battle with cancer, I knew without a doubt that I would one day continue to pursue the dream of nursing.

When I was twenty six years old, I applied to the Practical Nursing Program at the Okanagan College in Kelowna, BC and was accepted.

I am ¾ of the way through my program so far and am doing far better than I ever thought I would. This is due mainly to the amazing support of my husband, Daniel, as well as the incredible funding and support that was provided to me by Metis Nation BC. I do not know if I could have made it this far without them.

Having this funding has allowed me to focus and excel in my studies, without being burdened by the financial strain of attending school. I am so incredibly grateful and wouldn’t be where I am today without Metis Nation BC.

~ Amy

AndrewEngineering Design and Drafting

Hi my name is Andrew

After a number of different jobs and work experiences, I felt I needed to take a new career path that would better my future. I have always had a knack for creativity and design which had a big influence in my career choice. After looking at all the various diploma options, I had found one I was most interested in and that was the Engineering Design and Drafting program.

After two great years of attending SAIT Polytechnic I am proud to say I have successfully completed my diploma. Going back to school for a career that you really want to do makes a huge difference in accomplishing goals to success.

I am currently employed as a Jr Drafting Technologist, I am blessed to have such a great job; I couldn’t have pictured my plan to work out any better than it has.

I want to say thank you to the Métis Employment and Training and all people who were involved with the support and funding. I am so lucky to have had great people helping me forward to a great career. The Métis Employment and Training is a one of a kind program that has a tremendous effect on how they can help individuals head towards a positive direction.

All of your hard work is appreciated, thank you!

Andrew LIndustrial Electrician

Hi, my name is Andrew,

Three years ago I decided to pursue a career in the electrical field.  I started in residential than my path moved to industrial work.  When the time came for schooling, the MNBC Métis Employment & Training stepped up with funding for my first and second block.  The program is a huge help in allowing me the ability to complete my first two blocks in succession without any hitches at all.  I finished top of my class with a 94% average and I am looking to return to school in January and then again in October to finish my apprenticeship.

Currently I am employed with an industrial electrical services company with the potential for a promotion to Lead‐Hand in the near future.

I would like to thank the MNBC Métis Employment & Training program for the opportunities they have given me and the future path I am on.

~ Andrew L

Angella GooodonNursing Unit Assistant

I have wanted to work in the health care field for a long time but was unsure where to begin. Then I found the Nursing Unit Assistant program of Okanagan College. Being a key part of a medical team and helping patients seemed like a great fit for me so I decided to enroll.

Still working a full time job and going to school of night was tough but worth it. With the training I received I can work in acute care or residential care and wards ranging from cardiac, intensive care and beyond. The opportunities are endless!

I love my new job and I am very grateful to the Métis Nation BC for making it possible. With their assistance and guidance I have been able to reach my goal of working in the health care field. Thank you!

~ Angella

Ashley HuberRegistered Nurse

In my final two years is when the MNBC Métis Employment and Training program was able to help complete my dream of becoming a registered nurse.

Benjamin McAleneyCivil Engineer

I quit school when I was 16 and I worked at various jobs in Fort St John for the next few years. When I was 19, I decided that I didn’t want to work unskilled jobs for the rest of my life. I had some experience in the construction industry which I found very interesting and so I decided that I would go into civil engineering. I was able to complete my Adult Dogwood graduation at Northern Lights College and obtain all my pre-requisites for the civil program at BCIT in the year of 2010-2011. The following September I moved to Burnaby and began my first two years of college. In May 2013 I graduated BCIT with my Diploma in Civil Technology and a high enough GPA to move in to the final two year of my Bachelor degree.

I decided to take a year off of school before returning so that I could pay down some of my debt and that was when I applied for funding from the Metis Employment & Training Program. Thanks to this wonderful program I was able to finish my third year of college without the financial stress that the first two years had.

Now I am one year away from graduation with my Bachelor degree and soon I will be able to start my professional career without a crippling amount of debt. Thank you so much MNBC!

~ Ben

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