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TheresaGreenhorn Truck Driver

Theresa’s Story

I spent many years working to provide for my family and found many times I was struggling to make ends meet. As I spent more and more time in conversation and listening to the many stories from others in the trucking industry my desire became more deeply ingrained, this was something I truly thought I could have success with.

I applied for funding at my local Employment and Training office to attend the “Greenhorn Truck Driver” program at Thompson Rivers University.

I successfully made it through the course and have found full ‐ time employment that has taken me on many highways throughout Canada and the United States.

“I know that this would probably have been an unattained dream if it had not been for the funding and guidance that was provided from the office. I am grateful, thanks to the staff for all the effort, understanding and time that they extended to help me achieve my goal”.

TJ NelsonClass 3 Operator 1

My name is TJ Nelson, I received my Class 3 License thanks to the funding from the Metis Nation BC. By successfully receiving my Class 3 license I have been able to be promoted to a job at the City of Dawson Creek as a per­manent full tilne operator 1.

Thank you Metis Nation BC for improving my life and goals for the future.

This is greatly appreciated.

TJ Nelson

TrenaChild and Youth Care

My story:

I attended the 2 year Human Service program at Selkirk College and as part of that program I took a Peace Studies elective during my 2nd year (201412015). I asked my Peace instructor about an upcoming scholarship for a study trip to South Africa, firstly I asked if it was for youth because I’m a mature student. He confirmed it was for all ages and recommended I apply. I had never done anything like that in my life, even just apply!

My marks are very high, I work very hard at my program and I had to also write why I would want to study more about Peace in South Africa and how it would benefit my future work prospects. I was easily able to explain the overlap I felt between the courses I was taking in my main program related to social work/child and youth care, and what I was learning in Peace Studies. Peace and non ‐ violence within families and communities is essential.

I was granted a $3000 scholarship for airfare and 2 weeks of study. It turns out I'm the only student from Selkirk College going to study this August in Johannesburg, South Africa. I'm really excited about it.

The modules I chose to study are Healing, Trauma and Reconciliation, and Peace Clubs for Youth.

I'm incredibly grateful for the financial support I received this year, without it I would have had an even greater amount of stress in my life and I probably would not have had the thought to even apply for this amazing experience. A "realized dream”, truly!

I believe because I had this support, I was able to focus better and do better in all aspects of school and my life!

Thank you Métis Nation BC!

~ Trena

Wayne PowersFlagger

I have taken some training before with the help of MNBC and I was very grateful to receive this training. My goal is to be­come a heavy equipment operator so I have been working up to that.

I have taken my flagging course to give me training in this I believe this would be a great asset to have with my other tick­ets.

I received a job flagging two days after I received my ticket. I again thank MNBC for this I am much closer to reaching my goal. I am working two jobs right now for I have a baby to support and when I have done all my training I will be very confident and proud to work and support my family and MNBC has helped me to do this and to gain the knowledge to reach my goal.

~ Wayne Powers

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