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Michelle DresslerTeacher

For the past 4.5 years I have been attending col­lege/university, working towards becoming a teacher.

Enrollment in the ACHOTE program, through Simon Fraser University and Northern Lights College allowed me to complete the majority of my post secondary education, while remaining in my hometown of Fort St. John.

I have been fortunate enough for the past two semesters of my university education (May-December 2010) to receive funding and support from the Metis Nation BC. This opportunity has allowed me to complete my teacher certification, and I am now fully qualified to teach in BC.

I completed both my teaching practicum's in School District #60 (Fort St. John). The first was in a grade 1 classroom and the second in a grade 2/3. I enjoyed this time immensely, which assures me that I have made a wise career choice.

I am currently working within the same school district as a teacher on call (TOC), and I look forward to obtaining a full time position in the future.

~ Michelle Dressler

Mitchell JohnsenBiologist

Hello my name is Mitchell,

Leaving home to attend post ‐ secondary education has changed my life in more ways than I could have ever anticipated. I struggled at first to adapt to life in the city of Edmonton coming from the small town of Dawson Creek, BC. The University of Alberta campus alone is larger than the entirety of my hometown, and I was overwhelmed with the experience. Once I established my footing in Edmonton and pushed past the barriers I had I began to flourish in my studies and in my personal life.

Leaving home had an effect that I couldn't have anticipated. I once worried that I would lose touch with my immediate family and would slowly drift apart from them. However, the distance between us has actually had a positive effect and has strengthened our relationships. I have also acquired a like ‐ minded group of friends from various parts of the world that are all in Edmonton to pursue an education. Their support has filled various roles that were missing being away from home, and I consider them nothing short of being part of my family now.

With perseverance, determination, and support I gained the skills necessary to achieve academic success at the University of Alberta. I discovered my passion for Biology in my third year of studies, and pursued the completion of my degree with a major in Biology. Each day I continue to learn more in the subject and couldn't imagine myself pursuing any other career path. The completion of my degree was made possible with funding provided by the Metis Nation of British Columbia and I couldn't be more appreciative of what I have received.

My education in the field of Biology has made me aware of a growing responsibility that I have. A responsibility to apply the knowledge that I have been fortunate to receive to improve the status of the world around me. I have been educated in aspects of our natural and managed world that the general public is truly ignorant about. I am part of an exciting era where we have vast knowledge about the dynamics of the life that surrounds us that we rely on to sustain humanity. We understand the influence humans have on our planet and it is time to apply that knowledge to make tomorrow a better place than today.

In the short ‐ term I plan on conducting research in my field to expand our current understanding of key concepts related to conserving our natural world in the face of intense global change. I hope that my efforts will have a positive impact in my field and that this impact will resonate outward to positively impact the general public. I do not know the long ‐ term outcome of my training as a Biologist, but I will never stop learning as much as I can. I will never stop reaching out my hand to aid and improve the lives of others as those before have done for me. This is my responsibility as a Biologist, a Citizen of the Métis Nation, and as a member of humanity. The time is right now. Today is an exciting day!

Thank you Métis Nation BC!

~ Mitchell

Natalia EL NamerSocial Worker

Hello my name is Natalia,

I am from Dawson Creek BC. I first started thinking about a career in social work while attending high school. After I graduated I applied for the 2 year Social Services Worker Diploma Program at the Northern Lights College. I graduated from this program in June of 015 and knew that I wanted to continue pursuing this as my career. I applied for funding through the Métis Employment and Training Program (METP) and I am currently finishing the 3 rd year of my degree with the support of the METP.

My interests are child welfare and community development. I am proud to be a member of the Métis Nation BC and I am looking forward to graduating in May 2017.

I appreciate the help and support of this program in working to secure funding for Métis students across BC.

Thank you!

~ Natalia

Peter Masterson

I went through weeks on end, waking up knowing that the way in which I envisioned my early twenties to play out were slowly evaporating into the snowdrifts through the small, half cracked window ofmy dorm room. Instead of having a degree and a year of professional hockey under my belt, I was waking up at 4am in Northern Alberta, putting on my space boots and slithering through the snow to a low puning diesel truck. The sky was always black, and the cold air cut though the layers of clothes like a knife through butter. The days were mostly spent in solitude, heaving on and synching tight heavy pieces of green insulation over kilometers of pipeline, listening to my feet crackle on the snow and entertaining myself with wildly creative monologues in my head about the ways I would treat the small fish if I was ever a CEO of a company. I visualized what it would be like to delegate tasks and help my work­ers that were struggling in life, whether it was a pay raise or some time off, I critiqued my own judgments and decisions like a hawk. This was one of the many odd introverted exercises discovered that would help pass the monotony of twelve hour days in the woods in relative solitude. The sense of urgency to improve my situation came to a tipping point after seeing a co-worker who was dying of cancer almost drink himself to death. He had objected to going back to camp at a decent hour and stayed at the bar to have another drink, he eventually broke his arm on an arcade game that measures a man's power in his punch. The next day, during a stoppage in work to eat some lunch, he had to lie about how he fell stepping over a log and broke his arm just to get the day off; I've rarely seen something so tragic. Here was a guy, who was walking the plank of life and knew the end was coming soon, but still had to spend his last days in a camp full of uninterested men because his past decisions and financial circumstances left him no other choice.

I decided shortly after witnessing this kind of brokenness that I was going to make some practical moves to increase my chances of finishing my post secondary education and further my chances of being a success story. I refused to even slightly entertain the hypothetical scenario of waking up at age thirty with nothing but fond memories, a pedal bike and an extremely poor credit rating. This sort ofreality was not an option for me, and I knew that an ounce of help was better then a pound of preaching, so I tried to surround myself with helpful, successful people. Opportunities don't get given to you in a clean and organized fashion, they often come out of asking questions and being intentional with the answers you're given. After leaving the pipelines for good and living with my brother in Calgary through the Christmas of 2009, I decided to apply to the Metis community of Canada because I knew my cousin had been tangibly helped a few years before. After speaking with a counsellor about my situation and where I wanted to see myself in a few years, I completed the application process for financial assistance. I was told I would be contacted with the decision from the Re­gional Employment & Training Committee if I was chosen as a candidate for funding. At this point, I was run­ning out of options and my internal drive to finish my degree was exhausting itself. I knew I was capable of hitting a home run but I needed to be handed a bat and a uniform, I was merely a spectator in the game of my own life. The turning point in this dilemma seemed to finally gain momentum for the good when I was con­ tacted by the Metis Employment and Training Program counsellor and confirmed that I had been chosen as a candidate for funding. This was a powerful source of encouragement for me and the resources provided by this service greatly affected my ability to finish my degree. The road was by no means smooth, but having a steady source of income from the Metis training program made the whole process less ambiguous. I could focus on my classes and my athletics instead of taking on too much. It helped me simplify my life and move forward in a lot of ways. It's very simple, if I didn't have the support from the Metis Employment and Training Program, I wouldn't have been able to get to where I am today.

With that said, I am currently working full time as an international sales rep for Leavitt Machinery. Leavitt Machinery is among the largest material handling equipment dealers in the Pacific Northwest. Leavitt Machinery has built a reputation on providing the right mobile equipment solutions for their customers through quality personnel and a wide range of trusted product lines. I attained this position by meeting the qualifica­ tions and applying as fast as I could. I followed through with the hiring process and was selected to become a part of the team. It was a significant moment in my personal and professional journey, and considering the road I'd travelled the past few years to be more equipped, I'm very thankful and committed to the personalities and minds that saw potential throughout the process. I have been placed on salary and intend on continuing on the trajectory I'm currently on. I plan to learn as much as I can about the Industry and help Leavitt Machinery in their national and international development. I am incredibly grateful for the funding I received from the Metis Employment and Training Program and hope to be a great example of your help and support moving forward.

~ Peter Masterton

Randi WhitfordChartered Professional Accountant

Hello my name is Randi,

I was born and raised in Fort St. John, BC. My parents have owned and operated a small trucking company in the oil and gas industry for over 20 years. From a young age they taught me the value of goal setting, work ethic, determination and self‐confidence.

I was fortunate enough to be sponsored by the Métis Nation BC Employment and Training Program for the 2015/2016 academic year. In April 2016 I completed my final year in the Grande Prairie Regional College and Athabasca University collaborative business program and earned my Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in accounting.

In September 2016 I will begin working at MNP LLP in Fort St. John. Here I will article for 3 years and further develop my skill set in preparation for a career as a Chartered Professional Accountant.

Without the unconditional love and support of my parents and the generosity of the Métis Nation BC Employment and Training program I would not be where I am today.

Thank you!

~ Randi

Rebecca HansenLawyer

I was born and raised in Cranbrook, B.C. and am very proud to be a member of the Métis Nation BC.

I first became interested in becoming a lawyer after taking a law course in high school and this soon became my dream.

I graduated high school with great marks and several scholarships. However, tuition for university is steep and the scholarships covered very little of my tuition. I attended the University of Lethbridge for four years and obtained a degree in History and graduated with great distinction.

I owe Métis Nation BC greatly for their incredible support, which extended beyond financial. Because of this support I was able to focus on my schooling and I achieved high marks and an invaluable education.

Because of my high academic achievements I was accepted in numerous law schools across Canada. I attended the University of Alberta Law School where I continued to excel academically and graduated in 2014.

I am now articling at the law firm of MacPherson, Leslie & Tyerman LLP which has a strong Aboriginal Law Practice Group that I hope to join upon completion of my articles.

I wish to thank the Métis Nation British Columbia for their continued support, and in particular, for those two years of my Undergrad. It truly made a difference in my life.

~ Rebecca

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