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Hello my name is Kyle I attended the “Welding” program at “Northern Lights College”. I have worked very hard to get what I wanted. I worked through breaks and lunches and studied very night for 2 ‐ 3 hours. There were moments of frustration for sure, but with hard work and perseverance I was able to get everything done and finish top of my class.

I am proud to say I was able to obtain my level “C” welding ticket and I am currently working in the welding industry in the oil patch.

“With the help of the Métis Nation and my dedication I was able to achieve my goals and graduate with flying colors”!

Lauren FollweiterEarly Childhood Educator

From a young age, I knew that I loved children; every year all I wanted for Christmas was a baby doll and then I'd lovingly cart it around with me every­ where I went and talk softly to it. As I grew older, babysitting real children replaced the dolls and that cemented the fact that a career working with chil­ dren was the right choice for me. I struggled with the choice of Kindergarten or an Early Childhood Educator and settled on the ECE when I realized my true passion was with the pre-school aged children. Although my mother always knew there was some First Nations on her paternal side, her father always denied it. When asked about it within the last few years, he simply stated that the time and place that he grew up was not a good time for Native people so he always denied the connection even though his skin color begged to differ. My Grandfather had done a family genealogy, which is where my found the Metis connection. With the help of all the wonderful people within the Kamloops Metis Chapter and the Metis Nation BC office in Kamloops, my Mom, sister and I became members. I have been fortunate enough to have been sponsored in my education by the Metis Employ­ment and Training Program and for that, I am extremely grateful. I enrolled in the ECE program at TRU in 2009 and began my training fro my dream job, and graduated in the summer of 2010 with my Early Childhood Education Diploma and I have been gainfully employed at the same facility ever since.

Being sponsored allowed me to put all my energy into my education and not have to worry about where every penny was coming from and allowed me to focus on my studies instead of working part time.

Confidentially laws prevent me from publishing a photo of me working with the children at my employer My World of Discovery, but believe me when I say, I love my job and all the people and kids that I work with.

Thanks Metis Nation BC, from the bottom ofmy heart!

Lauren Follweiter.

Layne LabbyAdministrative Assistant

I graduated high school and realized that the Adminis­trative Assistant career was the route for me. So I ap­plied to Northern Lights College for the Applied Busi­ness Technology program and got accepted.

During the Program I found myself enjoying the course selection and how beneficial the program is. It gives you a lot of ca­reer options.

After I completed the course I applied for jobs around Chetwynd, BC and got hired at Royal LePage Cascade Realty as an Administrative Assistant.

~ Layne Labby

Lee GardnerFilm Industry

Hello my name is Lee,

I guess it all started with gathering enough courage to actually pursue my passion of writing and directing. It wasn’t easy coming from such a small town. The slightest notion of interest in the field made a mockery of me by the oil field community. Fortunately, I had nothing left to lose one day and decided to pop into the Metis BC office in Fort St John where I met Linda Defresne. She guided me through the application process for funding to Vancouver Film School (VFS.) I could compliment her for a few pages, but I’ll sum it up with one word...angel.

The year at VFS was demanding and draining, but it was worth it. I learned a vast amount of knowledge pertaining to the film industry and picked up a few tricks about writing. It was also weird, I found myself surrounded in an environment where everyone was in love with the same interests as mine. Quite honestly, it was the best feeling I experienced in my life and I met some new friends who will be with me the rest of my life.

Outside of school, I ended up concentrating on my writing most days, but there were a few where I was able to get out and enjoy the city life. Some days were filled with sunbathing and writing on the beach with friends and some were filled with a 60 year old recently divorced Asian lady/landlord falling in love with me, but that’s a story for another time.

I graduated after a year and found my first job on the set of Shuteye. A Hulu production where I was a Production Assistant. I then went on to a few other productions where I worked as a Grip. It’s not exactly where I want to be on set, but there is a route I have to take in order fulfill my goals as a Writer/Director. Currently, I work as a Grip and PA on a variety of shows and movies. There really is no one production I will stay on the rest of my career. The career is really contract work, so one must put their best efforts in everyday in order to secure work for the next production. Self ‐ image is key.

As for writing credits, I have written 2 comedy sketches that were produced for a standup comedy night, produced a short film called “Him”, have multiple unproduced film scripts that I’m still working on and a TV series.

For now, my plan is to continue working as a Grip/PA to pay the bills, network as much as I can and polish my scripts until I feel they’re ready to be pitched to a Producer.

I’ve learned two things about the film industry, 1. it’s a “go ‐ getters” lifestyle that is rewarding and fun 2. Going to the theater to see your next favorite film will be ruined forever now knowing the entire process.

Thank you Métis Nation BC!

~ Lee


Lindsay’s Story ‐ "Thanks Métis Nation BC and the staff of the Employment & Training program for making my dreams come true”.

Career Choice: Esthetics

Institution: Vancouver Island University

I have always been interested in the beauty industry. I took a make ‐ up program in 2002 and have worked in cosmetics. I decided to enroll in the Vancouver Island University esthetics program for my career choice. I was accepted for the program and it was the happiest day ever when I received funding from MNBC Métis employment and Training.

I excelled through the program and enjoyed every day I was there. I applied to nine salons & spa’s around my area of residence and received a call back from a Breze Aveda concept Salon & Day Spa the very same day. I went for an interview and was hired the following day! I am loving every second of my new career choice.

Thanks Métis Nation BC, and the staff of the Employment & Training program for making my dreams come true.

~ Lindsay

Lisa RenaudResearch Lab Technician

Institution: University of British Columbia Okanagan

My Story:

Right after high school I entered university to study microbiology, which had always been an interesting topic for me. I was working multiple jobs during my first two years of school to cover my bills. It was difficult to balance my work and school life. After successfully applying to MNBC everything became a little bit easier because I had more time to focus on school.

After looking into job board information for my program I knew I needed a competitive edge so I decided to seek out hands on experience. I began volunteering in a research lab at the University of British Columbia Okanagan. My supervisor later hired me back in his lab to work as a research lab technician after completing my degree and honor’s project.

I would like to thank MNBC Métis Employment and Training for providing this tremendous opportunity to complete my undergraduate education. I could not have done it without the help of MNBC!

~ Lisa