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Katelyn Pocha

The sponsorship I received from the Metis Nation ASE TS Program helped me have less stress during my undergradu­ate degree, which gave me the opportunity to focus more on my studies. Without this program, I feel my university experience wouldn't have been as enjoyable, and I would­n't have been able to take on as large of a work load. The program has helped me finish university with minimal debt which will help me greatly in my future endeavours.

Before I began training, I was a student at the local college taking general science courses wondering what career path to choose. While attending UBC Okanagan, I began taking geology courses and knew immediately that was the career I wanted to pursue. The ASETS training program helped me complete my BSc Honors in Earth and Environmental Science. The program has improved my future career prospects. I worked in geology last summer, and am cunently working for a geol­ogy company. I have also had the opportunity to network with other geology stu­dents and geologists. I feel the program helped me greatly during my undergradu­ate degree, and helped me have the opportunity for a successful career.

Katelyn Pocha


Hello my name is Katherine,

The last few years have been a struggle between studies and raising my family, but, after completion of the “Medical Lab Tech” Program at College of New Caledonia, I have secured a position with the health authority. I am on the road to providing a better life for my family, life can only get bigger and better from here on!

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the funding opportunity to help me reach my goal of a better career”.


Governor General Award Recipient Hi my name is Kayla,

I have always been interested in animals and medicine I always thought (animal healthcare) was interesting and fascinating; it was easy to study for because I actually enjoyed what I was studying for.

I enrolled in the “Animal Health Technology” program at Grande Prairie Regional College ‐ Fairview campus. The classes are relevant and interesting. Our program consisted if classes such as diagnostic imaging, anesthesiology, animal dentistry, immunology and laboratory procedures.

After I completed my program I returned home to my community and I am now employed at a veterinary clinic.

Thank you for sponsoring me in my education and allowing me such a spectacular opportunity. I am truly grateful.

Kayla has been awarded a Governor General award for her academic efforts,” this metal is one of the most prestigious awards that a student in a Canadian educational institution can receive.” “Her achievement is exemplary, and it is of particular note that she is the first student of Animal Health Technology to have accomplished top academic standing at Grande Prairie Regional College”.

Kaylee FollweiterRegistered Nurse

After graduating high school in 2005 I took three years off to work, travel and attempt to sort my future out. I chose nursing because of the endless career opportunities that nursing provides. I was accepted into TRU's 2008 Fall semester of Nursing.

Over the course of the program we learned lots, laughed more and trav­eled! I did a month long practicum in Lesotho, Africa and a semester in Merritt. You get a taste of many different nursing areas in the program and apply the knowledge you learn in the class room everyday. My final practicum was done in the Dialysis Unit at Royal Inland Hospital and I began working there right after graduation. I will also begin working on the medical floor in the fall.

The funding MNBC provided made it possible for me to make school the priority. I felt so lucky to have this funding as the stress of making ends meet was greatly diminished.

It was a long four years but I made lifelong friends, grew up a lot and ended up with a career! Thank you so much for making my degree go that much smoother!

~ Kaylee Follweiter

Kelly Saunders

Dear MNBC,

I would genuinely like to thank you for your financial support throughout my studies at the University of British Columbia.

Your contribution to my education allowed me to focus my atten­ tion on school and complete my degree without being in constant wony of my finances. I am very grateful for your assistance and the MNBC organization as a whole.

During my final semester, I won a trip to an Aboriginal career event (Inclusion Works '10) and I was lucky enough to land a job with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation in Ottawa. My experience was overwhelm­ingly positive and I was very fortunate to get some high profile projects within the 1.5 years that I worked there. When my contract expired at the end of 2011, I moved back to Vancouver and now I am completing my business plan to start a backpackers hostel accommodation. I feel like this venture will be a fun way for me to promote Aboriginal culture and sustainable tour­ism, while operating a unique and successful business in the Lower Mainland.

I would not be where I am today if I did not have the support from MNBC and other commu­nity organizations that have helped out along the way. So again, thank you very much for in­vesting in my future.


~ Kelly Saunders

KimberleyRegistered Nurse

I started my journey for my degree in September 2011 right after I finished high school. It wasn’t always easy, but it was a journey I am glad I took on. I have finished my degree this past April (2015). And I am working on the surgical floor as a grad nurse until I write my RN exam, than I will make the transfer to RN position on the same floor. In five to ten years I plan to go back to school to become a nurse practitioner. I feel in this year, fourth year, I have really become who I am, I have had struggle and triumphed, most importantly I have figured out who I want to be, I went into nursing to make a difference. I have not once regretted my choice nor second guessed my decision.

~ Kimberley