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Aaron Johnson

First off I would like to thank Métis Nation BC for sponsoring my education, without their support I would not have been able to get this educational opportunity.

I have wanted to work in the oil and gas industry for a long time, but when I saw the Wind Turbine course I thought that it would be a good idea to get into a green industry. With the help of the Métis Nation BC that was possible.

Thank you.

Aaron Johnson

Alea SmaniottoCommercial Account Manager

First of all I would like to thank Métis Training and Employment for all of their support over the years. I moved out to Vancouver in 2008 to pursue an education in Business. Living on my own and only working part time, I found it quite difficult to pay rent, transit passes, and other expenses. Without the help that Métis Training and Employment provided in my second and fourth year, I doubt that I would have finished my eduation in four years. The funding not only supported me with financial stability, it relieved a lot of my stress allowing me to have a more balanced life and focus on my studies.

The four years of hard work and dedication paid off in full for me. I am currently working with the Canadian Western Bank, being one of their few Commercial Management Associates. My training as an associate will continue for the next year and at the end of it I will earn the title of Commercial Account Manager. Throughout the training I will be paid a good salary and upon finishing I will earn enough to pay all expenses, save for the future and much more.

Being a Commercial Account Manager will also allow me to have an impact on my community. My main job will be to lend to small and medium sized businesses. I see this as an opportunity to help out my aboriginal community because as aboriginal development continues to grow I will be able to work alongside aboriginal entrepreneurs to ensure they are getting the money they need.

My education has molded me to be an enthusiastic young aboriginal professional, and Métis Training and Employment was there every step of the way. I am truly thankful to Gayle, Colleen and the rest of the staff for all their hard work and dedication. Again thank you.


Alea Smaniotto

Allen David FlettMechanical Engineering

Before going back to school I was a fourth year motorcycle apprentice. Although I enjoyed my work and found it very rewarding I found the instability of the career unfilfilling. Unfortunately the work as a Motorcycle technician slows to a crawl in the winter months and sometimes it is necessary to lay off mechanics that are lower down on the seniority chart. After scratching through another slow power sports season as a cars salesman and then a commercial construction laborer I felt as though there was a better career choice for me.

While working at Kane's Harley Davidson of Kelowna I upgraded my Math 30, Chemistry 30, English 30, and Physics 30 in three months, all of which online through two separate online high schools (you are only allowed to enroll in two courses per school because they expect two distance courses to be the maximum anyone can handle at one time). My now current, upgraded marks allowed me to qualify and enroll in the Okanagan College's Mechanical Engineering Technology program.

I was very nervous about the prospect of returning to school after 9 years of working, but luckily the support from my family, my girlfriend and my community allowed me to focus solely on learning and becoming as technically sound and proficient in my industry as possible. I am proud to say I graduated in the top quarter of my class and earning a first class designation in for one of my semesters.

I am currently on an 8 month Co-op with Michels Canada, a multinational commercial construction company. I was hired as a field engineer to work with their tunneling division.

My current string of successes has boosted my confidence and once I complete my final year at Okanagan College I intend to continue moving forward and become a Professional Engineer. I hope to one day be in a position where I can give another Métis like myself an opportunity to go beyond their own expectations and challenge themselves with a new career.

Allison Jean MullenTeacher


I have a personal biography that my teacher made in gr.2 that has a "career: section; it asks "what would you like to be when you grow up?" - My answer then was a teacher. When I graduated high school I thought about it a little more, after all 5 years of school is a large commitment. It took a year of general arts where I pulled of 50's and 60's even when I was trying my hardest. So I decided to take a year off and do a little bit of soul searching. In that time, my sister developed a severe eating disorder where she was admitted to different hospitals in and out of town—school seemed impossible at that time. After her treatment and recovery, I decided that I didn't want to give up on my dream of being a teacher. I I went back to school and took several upper level sociology, history and women's studies courses which made me try even harder to reach my goals. There is so much work to do in the world—I feel that being a teacher is a way that I can give back; a way that I can truly help people. Now I am graduated with my Bachelor of Elementary Education Degree and have managed to gain a contract teaching on the Queen Charlotte Islands for a year. The thing about teaching is that as long as you are willing to be flexible, there will always be jobs. After 2 years of teaching I am plannign to do a master's degree in education online through the University of Calgary. One thing my professors' always said is 'never stop learning" - my work has just begun. For all of the women, aboriginal peoples and other visible, disadvantaged minorities—"Be the change you want to see in the world—Mahatma Gandhi"

A. Mullen

Amanda CoteElementary Youth Care Worker

"I am so appreciative for the opportunity I had been given to go back to school and complete the social services worker diploma.  Without the financial support from MNBC I would not have been able to complete the program let alone begin it.

I have already secured a full-time job with my school district as an Elementary Youth Care Worker which will commence in September of 2018.  I am so excited and cannot thank MNBC enough for the support I received through the METP program.

I'm excited to be able to contribute to my family's future with a great job and better pay.  I'm going to miss the ladies at the region 7 office, they were so helpful and they even celebrated my success with me.

~ Amanda

Amanda SymchychPrimary Care Paramedic

With the assistance of the Metis Employment & Training Program I was sponsored to enroll and complete the Emergency Management Certificate program at JIBC.  I attended summer school in July 2013 and completed the remaining online courses during the fall of 2013.

Now that I have completed this program it has given me more qualifications and training to apply to my current career as a Primary Care Paramedic.

Just recently I had entered a competition for a job promotion.  I was one of the 5 successful applicants to become a Paramedic Duty Supervisor in the Metro Vancouver area.

Undoubtedly, the training that Metis Employment & Training Program assisted me with definitely proved to help me advance my career by giving me an opportunity to learn new techniques and skills to apply to my new role as a newly appointed Paramedic Duty Supervisor.

Thank you Metis Nation BC for giving me this opportunity and helping me advance and reach some of my goals.

Amanda ~