STEPS Data Gathering

Data Collection for STEPS Programs Earning Potential

Before and After Program Income Data

The purpose of this short survey is to provide MNBC with more insight on the lasting benefits of training and skills development. MNBC will use the data collected below to refine its services and increase communication and support with citizens accessing STEPS services. We thank you in advance for completing this survey.

If you would like to be entered into a draw to win one of three prizes to the MNBC Trading Post enter your name and email on the form that appears after you complete this survey. Your contact information there is not linked to the data-gathering survey ensuring your information submitted on this survey remains anonymous.

What program or training did you complete? ( Example: name of degree, certificate, etc)
How satisfied were you with the level of financial support you received from MNBC?
How engaged did you feel your MNBC coordinator/counsellor was with you?
How easy was the transition from learner/trainee to worker?
How confident are you in the skills you gained from training?
Optional: Any additional feedback from your experience? Limit of 400 characters.