Program Details Ma Nîķi Métis Home Renovation Program

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The funding format: Funds for this program are allocated via the Metis-Canada-Housing Sub-Accord. The program will provide up to $20,000 per applicant of a non-repayable grant, provided the homeowner(s) retain ownership of their home for at least five years from receipt of the grant. If the house is sold prior to five years of the approved grant date, the grant must be immediately repaid in full to MNBC.

Additionally, the new renovation program will be flexible to allow emergency support repairs to those that may not fit the age criteria but are within the income threshold, to have immediate emergency repairs done on their home, approved on a case-by-case basis. By reserving 5% ($50,000) of the budget for emergency repair such as furnace and hot water tanks.

Program Criteria Overview

• Maximum funding per household / applicant: $20,000

• Age of citizen on general application is minimum of 60 years and older (couples – only one spouse needs to be 60 or older)

• MNBC citizenship or a bona fide MNBC registry citizenship application in progress, and resident of British Columbia for at least one year

• Property ownership and principal residence

• Mobile or manufactured homeowner on non-owned land also qualify for the program

• Eligibility – Income threshold must be below

o Single senior with total gross income of $46,000 per year or less

o Senior couple with a total gross income of $66,000 per year or less

o Emergency repairs determined by a case-by-case basis and within income threshold

Eligible Repairs and Improvements

• Electrical

• Roofs

• Fire or smoke alarms

• Plumbing (toilets, sinks, showers)

• Chimneys

• Replacement of siding

• Heating

• Water supply

• Mobile home skirting/Leveling

• Hot water tank

• Septic system

• Door replacement

• Insulation (ceiling, walls)

• Drywall

• Mobility access

• Windows

• Floor coverings

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