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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced British Columbians to adapt to the various restrictions it brings, including changes to the delivery of training. The shift to remote learning or delivery of training through the internet is here to stay. To support Métis learners and put them in the best position to succeed, MNBC’s STEPS has secured a partnership with Best Buy Canada to deliver laptops to learners.

STEPS can now coordinate with Best Buy Canada and its logistics partner to deliver a basic learning laptop, valued at $650 directly to eligible Métis learners. Métis learners may also choose to receive the cash equivalent value to invest in the learning tool of their choice.


  • Students/trainees currently enrolled in full-time studies/training delivered by an accredited post-secondary institution, or certified training provider
  • MNBC citizens
  • BC residents


  • Proof of current enrollment in full-time studies from an accredited post-secondary institution
  • Copy of MNBC Citizenship card
  • Proof of BC residency, in the form of BC Driver’s license or BC ID
  • A Pre-Authorized Debit/Credit (PAD/PAC) form which you can easily obtain from your banking branch or through online banking or a copy of a void cheque


  • The value of this program contributes towards the lifetime support threshhold of $50,000
  • This program, like all STEPS programs, is considered a taxable benefit


If you have questions about your application or require any help with your application, please contact the Employment and Skills Training Program:


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