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"Within Our Sights" is a BCMANR newsletter that is mailed out to all Harvester Card holders.  It is issued 4 times a year and will include information on consultation projects, harvesting rights, and updates from both MNBC and BCMANR.  We encourage harvesters to share harvesting stories, favorite recipes, photos, and any ideas for future issues.

It is important that you, our citizens, apply for your Harvester Card.  Numbers are everything, as with any provincial or federal policy change, the bigger the numbers, the more strength we have when we approach the Government about our rights and it shows unity in our people.

You do not need to be a hunter to be a harvester; our cards are issued with or without hunting.  Harvesting activities such as collecting firewood, picking berries or gathering plants for medicine, are all important to document in order to preserve our natural resources. 

In all consultations, Métis Nation British Columbia utilizes the MNBC Harvester database to identify nearby communities with identified harvesting activities that are within close proximity of a proposed project.  This due diligence assists MNBC in determining if the construction and operation of a proposed project could put Métis rights and traditional land-use at risk.  It is extremely important to increase our harvester card holder numbers, as well as our harvesting data to allow us to have meaningful consultations with industry on current and future projects.

If you do not have your harvester card yet, please apply online.

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BCMANR "Within Our Sights" Issue #12

Inside this Issue: Let's Talk Whales, Mosse, Call for Captains, eBird, Director's Update, Climate Change Corner, Engagement Projects By Region, Contact Us.

BCMANR "Within Our Sights" #11

In this Issue: Species at Risk, Region 2 Captain, Director’s Update, From The Campfire, Migratory Bird Workshops, Engagement Projects By Region, Contact Us

BCMANR "Within Our Sights" #10

In this Issue: Métis Legal Traditions, Trapping, Wildfires, Harvest Survey, From The Campfire, What Does Daniels Mean Practically For You?, Director’s Update, Featured Harvester: Gary Biggar, BCMANR Migratory Bird Workshops, Engagement Projects, Grouse In BC, Harvester Registry, BCMANR Captains

BCMANR "Within Our Sights" #9

Volume 3, Issue 2

In this Issue: Species At Risk con’t, Use & Occupancy Mapping Update, Aboriginal & Treaty Rights Information System, Director’s Update, Leather Brigades & Tomahawks, Métis Nationalism, Aboriginal Knowledge Exchange & Exploration, Harvester Registry, From The Campfire, Duty To Consult, Engagement Projects By Region

BCMANR "Within Our Sights" #8

Volume 3, Issue 1

In this Issue: Map Biographies Con’t, Joe Smith Correction, Bill 18-The Water Sustainability Act, Director’s Update, Fiddleheads, National Aboriginal Day, Métis Harvester, Developing Mandatory Reporting Standards, From The Campfire, Harvester Registry, Engagement Projects By Region, Validation Stickers

BCMANR "Within Our Sights" #7

Volume 2, Issue 4

In this Issue: MNA’s “Hunt For Justice”, Burbot-Lota lota, Director’s Update, Memorandum Of Understanding, Trans Mountain Expansion Project, Vive les Voyageurs, Plastics In Our Waters, Bill 13– The ORV Act, From The Campfire, Building Pipelines no longer an Activity, Harvester Registry, Consultation Projects

BCMANR "Within Our Sights" #6

Volume 2, Issue 3

In this Issue: Environmental Stewardship Cont., Wild Turkeys, Director’s Update, Brownfield Remediation, Human Rights Tribunal Update, The Maligne Valley, Harvester Registry Bits & Pieces, Sea Star Die Off, From The Campfire, Consultation Projects, CEA Act 2012

BCMANR "Within Our Sights" #5

Volume 2, Issue 2

In this Issue: Marbled Murrelet, Field Work, Director’s Update, MNA’s Hunt For Justice, The Medicine Wheel, Caribou Conservation, Harvester Registry, Our Métis Harvesters, From The Campfire, Consultation Projects, What is CEAA 2012?

BCMANR "Within Our Sights" #4

Volume 2, Issue 1

In this Issue: Meet The Team, High Bush Cranberries, High Bush Cranberry Recipes, From The Campfire, Our Métis Harvesters, Director’s Update, Consultation Projects By Region, Understanding The EA Process

BCMANR "Within Our Sights" #3

Volume 1, Issue 3

In this Issue: Trail Wildlife Club Community Awareness Week, Natural Resources, Industry & Mining, Moose, The History of Snowshoeing, British Columbia Harvesting Rights Update, Working Together-The Duty to Consult and Accommodate, Our Métis Harvesters, From the Campfire, Natural Resources—Consultation Projects by Region

BCMANR "Within Our Sights" #2

Volume 1, Issue 2

In this Issue: The Importance of Plant Based Traditional Medicines, MMF Wins Harvesting Rights!, Jasper Aboriginal Forum, Your Consultation Coordinator, Métis Traditional Knowledge (MTK), Featured Species: Cedar, Recipe: Wild Goose and/or Duck Breasts in Gravy, Harvesting and Your Health, Natural Resources Update, Migratory Game Birds

BCMANR "Within Our Sights" #1

Volume 1, Issue 1

In this Issue: Métis Nation BC Consultation, Why Get a Harvester Card?, British Columbia Métis Assembly of Natural Resources, Canadian Wildlife Services, Harvesting Rights, Annual Harvest Survey Calendar
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