World Cancer Day 2021 – Eliminating Cervical Cancer in Canada

Last year, on Feb. 4, Métis Nation British Columbia was invited to attend the Elimination of Cervical Cancer in Canada Summit in Toronto, ON. In attendance from MNBC was our Region 6 Regional Director, Susie Hooper, Provincial Wellness Manager, Ashley Turner and Katina Pollard, Northern Regional Health Coordinator and HPV self-collection Project Assistant.

During the Summit, we had the opportunity to participate in discussions around actionable steps towards the elimination of cervical cancer. We learned about international progress and how other countries have implemented their action plans towards the same goal. What was very exciting was we were able to provide guidance on how to address Métis-specific priorities and actions going forward to eliminate cervical cancer within our communities.  We’re hopeful that with the commitment and collaboration of our key partners, we will be on track to eliminate cervical cancer by 2030. 

In Canada alone, over 1,300 women are diagnosed every year with cervical cancer and of that number, over 400 pass away. There have been great strides to reduce cervical cancer in Canada but despite these efforts, the number of women diagnosed remains high in Indigenous peoples located in urban, rural and remote areas.

This year, in honor of World Cancer Day, we are announcing MNBC’s very own designed cervical cancer kits. These kits include cervical cancer infographics with useful information, reusable face wipes, pens and other cool MNBC swag. We are hopeful this project will bring awareness to the importance of cervical cancer screening and the preventative measures currently available in Canada.

Please note: kits are limited and available on a first come- first served basis.

If you have any questions about the project, or would like to receive one of our cervical cancer kits, please feel free to email Katina Pollard, Northern Regional Health Coordinator at or

Due to Canada Post wait time, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.