“Within Our Sights” BCMANR Newsletter- Summer 2020

“Within Our Sights” is a BCMANR newsletter that is mailed out to all Harvester Card holders.  It is issued 4 times a year and will include information on consultation projects, harvesting rights, and updates from both MNBC and BCMANR.  We encourage harvesters to share harvesting stories, favourite recipes, photos, and any ideas for future issues.

It is important that you, our citizens, apply for your Harvester Card.  Numbers are everything, as with any provincial or federal policy change, the bigger the numbers, the more strength we have when we approach the Government about our rights and it shows unity in our people.

You do not need to be a hunter to be a harvester; our cards are issued with or without hunting.  Harvesting activities such as collecting firewood, picking berries or gathering plants for medicine, are all important to document in order to preserve our natural resources. 

In all consultations, Métis Nation British Columbia utilizes the MNBC Harvester database to identify nearby communities with identified harvesting activities that are within close proximity of a proposed project.  This due diligence assists MNBC in determining if the construction and operation of a proposed project could put Métis rights and traditional land-use at risk.  It is extremely important to increase our harvester cardholder numbers, as well as our harvesting data to allow us to have meaningful consultations with industry on current and future projects.

If you do not have your harvester card yet, please apply online.



-News & Announcements pg.2
-MNBC Makes First Budget Submission To BC Government pg.2
-Moose Cow-Calf Hunt pg.3
-Wolf Cull Permit Challenged In BC pg.3
-Big Bar Landslide Updates pg.4
-Salmon Climate Change Report pg.4
-Fraser River Sockeye pg.4
-Funding Announced For Salmon Restoration Projets pg.5
-Commercial Seal/Sea Lion Hunt Permit Postponed pg.5
-Castle Mountain Coal Mine pg.6
-Desautel Case Goes To Supreme Court Of Canada; MNBC Granted Intervener Statu pg.6
-Engagement Projects By Region pg.7
-Contact Us pg.8