Join host Daniel Fontaine, roving reporter Sophie Gray and segment host Lisa Shepherd as they introduce you to personalities and prominent people integral to BC’s Métis community.

On this episode, Daniel speaks with Christine Sorenson, head of the BC Nurse’s Union and proud Métis, and Charlene Austin, previously Assistant Deputy Minister of Health Operations for the Government of Nunavut and Indigenous heath specialist, about racism in the health care system and the impact of COVID-19 on Indigenous communities. He also hosts interviews with Lissa Smith, Acting President of MNBC, and Gerry St. Germain, Canada’s first Métis Member of Parliament and Senator, about the state of Indigenous rights in Canada.

Reporter Sophie will visit a traditional carver in Port Coquitlam, who uses carving to connect with his Métis ancestry and a young Métis youth who gives us a glimpses of the promising future for the next generation. She’ll also introduce you to Darrell Fox, Terry Fox’s younger brother, to show you a different side of the Canadian hero with recently discovered Métis heritage.

Finally, Lisa Shepherd goes for a meaningful walk with Elder Phillipe Gladue to discuss Métis ceremony and staying connected to the old ways in the first instalment of kêhtê ayak.

New episodes air once a month on JoyTV, Saturdays at 8pm PST and on Faith TV in Manitoba at 6pm CST.