Summary of AGM Day 3 (Final Day)

Day 3 of the AGM kicked off with a presentation from Provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry and Dr. Daniele Behn Smith, the deputy provincial health officer for Indigenous Health. Dr. Behn Smith did a presentation on the Métis Public Health Surveillance Program, data reporting, and COVID-19 vaccine prioritization and roll out.

Following this, the a significant milestone in B.C. Indigenous history was achieved today with the passing of a resolution that affirms MNBC as the official Métis Government of the self-governing Métis community in B.C. Read more about the resolution here:

After this, resolution 7, an amendment to the MNBC Constitution to have “Only persons who have registered as a Métis Citizen pursuant to the MNBC Citizenship Act, and are registered as a MNBC Citizen within the MNBC Central Registry, are entitled to speak and be issued voting credentials at a MNBC AGM or SGM.” The resolution passed.

Resolution 8, on Regional Governance Councils, did not pass.

Resolution 9, on Chartered Community Funding, MNGA, and By-Elections, did not pass.

Following the above three resolutions, – Senator Edkins provided a closing prayer and the first ever MNBC AGM was closed!