Summary of AGM Day 1

The 2020 Virtual Annual General Meeting opened Thursday evening with over 230 citizens in attendance. Chief Public Affairs Officer and General Legal Counsel Chris Gall, acting as clerk for the AGM, opened the proceedings by welcoming Senator Betty Hoogendorn and Senator Philip Gladue to say opening blessings and prayers.

These blessings were followed by video addresses from Minister Murray Rankin, BC’s Minister of Indigenous Rights and Reconciliation, federal Minister of Indigenous Services Marc Miller and Métis Nation Saskatchewan President Glen McCallum. Each video can be viewed here.

Acting President Lissa Smith was then introduced to welcome citizens of the Nation.

CEO and Deputy Minister Daniel Fontaine then took over to present a live update from MNBC Head Quarters in Surrey. He took the time to highlight new programs, initiatives, funding and actions taken by MNBC’s various departments from Human Resources to Registry redevelopment and budget transparency. Daniel concluded his talk by introducing MNBC’s new pilot television program, MéTV. A trailer outlining this new and exciting project can also be seen here.

Chris Gall then put forward a motion to appoint Zach Romano as Chair of the 2020 AGM which was adopted after a brief discussion.

The 2020 draft AGM agenda was then adopted by the Chair after a brief discussion and a vote. The Chair then introduced Jeffrey Hunt, from Manning Elliot Chartered Accounts, to present the audited financial statements for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. The financial statements were approved via another vote, and Manning Elliot Chartered Accounts were voted to continue as auditors for the 2020-2021 fiscal year.

At this time, Chair Zach Romano moved to adjourn the AGM session until Friday morning as the meeting had far surpassed the scheduled time, moving the decisions on the location of the next AGM and the acceptance of the 2019 AGM minutes to Friday’s session.

The AGM will resume Friday, Feb. 19 at 9am PST.

Today’s session was recorded and can be watched at