Statement of Congratulations to New MNC President Cassidy Caron

Special Statement from Acting President Lissa Smith

“On behalf of the entire Cabinet, I want to congratulate Cassidy Caron, the new President of the Metis National Council (MNC). Cassidy’s election is historic for both being the first woman elected National President, and the first President from British Columbia. Cassidy served as a Minister in MNBC’s Cabinet from 2016-2020.

I am confident she and our entire Board of Governors will represent us well on the national stage and will be a strong advocate with the federal government when it comes to advancing our rights as a Nation.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank former President Clem Chartier for his years of service to the Nation. He has demonstrated a commitment for the advancement of our people and for this he deserves recognition.

After the two-day MNC meeting which saw the active participation of delegates from MNBC, Metis Nation of Alberta, Metis Nation Saskatchewan and Metis Nation Ontario, we leave this assembly united in our conviction to address the diverse needs and aspirations of our people. By working together, tackling tough issues, we are stronger as a Nation.

I am particularly proud that our MNBC delegation introduced a resolution to address the longstanding issue of MNO’s status within our Nation. The resolution received support from 39 of the 40 delegates and I’m so pleased we now have a formalized, fair and transparent process to address the concerns that have been voiced by our citizens.

On a closing note, I want to thank Minister Dean Gladue for putting his name forward as a candidate for President of MNC. It was great to see a representative from MNBC on the ballot.”