Special Statement from CEO of MNBC

Earlier today former President Clara Morin Dal Col posted information in the public domain which requires clarification. In a statement posted on her personal website, she stated:

“With regard to VP Lissa Smith’s Citizenship file, I never personally accessed her Citizenship file.  However, I did question her citizenship because I had numerous Citizens ask me about the VP’s Citizenship and as a result I asked the CEO to look into the issue. He claimed he had two or three genealogists review her file and they had confirmed that she was not Métis but he refused to tell me who the genealogists were and refused to show me a copy of their report. As President, I should have the right to ask questions of the CEO on such matters.”

It is important to clarify that Ms. Dal Col repeatedly questioned the citizenship of Ms. Smith. As a result, two separate reviews occurred by MNBC Registry staff and both confirmed Ms. Smith as being Metis. Furthermore, two separate independent reviews were conducted and provided to MNBC regarding the status of Ms. Smith’s citizenship. They were conducted by the St. Boniface Historical Society and KnowHistory. Both came to the same conclusion and affirmed Registry staff had made the proper decision in granting citizenship to Ms. Smith. 

The CEO of MNBC reports through the entire Board of Directors and is accountable to them. As such, they are responsible for answering questions pertaining to the day-to-day operations of our government. However, it must be emphasized that the protection and privacy of individual citizen rights is paramount. This is regardless of whether that individual is an elected official or not. The personal and private information individuals supply to MNBC as part of their application to become a citizen is considered confidential and is not to be accessible to anyone beside the applicant, Registry staff and/or the Senate in the case of an appeal.